• Jifeng Cai
    Position:Associate dean
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Basic Medicine
  • Associate dean
  • School of Basic Medicine Sciences of CSU

Education Experience

  • 2005.92010.7

     Central South University    Clinical psychology   Postdoctor 

  • 2002.92005.7

     Sichuan University   Forensic   Doctor's Degree 

  • 2000.92002.7

     Sichuan University   forensic science   Master's Degree 

  • 1988.91993.7

     Inner Mongolia Medical College   clinical medicine   Baccalaureate 

Job Experience

  • 2005.9Now

     Hunan Xiangya Judicial Identification Central   Director 

  • 2005.7Now

     Department of Forensic Medicine   School of Basic Medicine Sciences of CSU   Assistance dean 

  • 1993.72002.9

     Technology service   People's Procuratorate of Inner Mongolia 


  • Forensic science

    When someone dies, fairly soon, it could be within minutes blowflies are attracted to the body and they will start laying eggs immediately. These will hatch into larvae or maggots and the developmental cycle will continue.
            By understanding the "succession" rates or the speed of growth of flies, from an egg to the larval then adult stage our group can determine the likely time that person died. And it is this cycle of life and death that is critical in helping the police when they are uncertain of the timing of someone's death.
            The main job of our group is to find the post-mortem interval (PMI), which is the minimum amount of time for which someone could have been dead. To do this, we examine the species, ages and colony composition of the insects and arthropods found on the dead body. We usually examine the body at the crime scene or conduct a post-mortem examination.We also receive specimens or photographs taken by police to examine or visit the crime scene to search for clues.

    JJ Guo

    XL FU

    HD Liao

    LL Long

    WT Yan

Social Appointments

  • - Member of Higher Education Teaching Steering Committee

  • - Chairman of Forensic Science Specialized Committee

  • - Member of Chinese Immunology Society

  • - Member of Chinese Society of Forensic Medicine

  • - Member of Medical Malpractice Identification Pool of Chinese Medical Association

  • - National Laboratory Qualification Authentication Judges
    National Inspection Agency Qualification Authentication Judges

  • - Expert of Vaccination Survey and Diagnosis of Hunan Provence

  • - Assistant Dean of Forensic Expert Association of Hunan Provence

  • - Member of Medical Malpractice Identification Pool of Hunan Provence

  • - Member of Medical Malpractice Identification Pool of Changsha Medical Association



Jifeng Cai, born in 1967
Doctor of Medicine
Clinical psychology postdoctoral
Forensic Science Professor
Doctoral supervisor
Chief physician
Academic Leader of Forensic Department
Assistant Dean of Basic Medicine College
Executive Vice Director of Xiangya Judicial Expertise Center of Hunan Provence.

Membership and professional affiliation
Committee member of forensic medicine higher education steering committee of education ministry,
Member of Chinese medical association of ministry of health
Member of Hunan provincial medical association medical malpractice expert database
Member of science and technology expert library
State-level judge of laboratory and testing agency qualification of ministry of justice
Vice president of the Hunan forensic identification association
Chairman of forensic medicine Committee
Director of forensic pathology
Professor Cai studys on forensic clinical medicine, forensic pathology, forensic entomology. And his research has been funded by 3 state natural science fund,1 state postdoctoral fund,3 provincial scientific research funds and 7 collegiate scientific research funds. His group has published more than 50 articles in recently years, 30s of them embodied by SCI. He is the chief editor of <Modern Forensic Entomology>,<Forensic Entomololgy>(textbook of forensic science),<Practice and Preventive Measures of Medical Malpractice in Judicial Identification>,<Medical Malpractice Prevention and Case Analysis for Basic-level Medical Institutions>,<The Prevention and Treatment of Medical Damage-Doctor Manual of County Level Hospital>,<New development of Medical Malpractice Identification and Prevention>,and assistant editor of <Forensic anthropology>,chief translator of <Bloodstain Pattern Analysis>and <Explosion and Blast related Injury> in Chinese edition.
Editorial member of <forensic science> (sixth edition). Reviewer of European journal of entomology、Insect science、journal of insect science、African Journal of Biotechnology. Contributing editor of <Journal of Chongqing Medical University>, <Exploration of Chinese medical education>, <Chinese Bulletin of Entomology>
 4 doctors and 10s graduates students are now studying in Pro. Cai’ s group.

  • Entry Time:2005-07-01
  • Graduated University:Sichuan University
  • Honor& Award:Outstanding communist party member(2006/2007)
    Excellent teacher of School of Basic Medicine Sciences of CSU(continually 5 years)
    Outstanding young teachers of Hunan province(2007)
    Advanced individual of national judicial authentication(2009/2010)
  • Office Location:Office building #346,new campus of Xiangya medicine college,CSU
  • Contact:0731-82650414
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