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Yin Chen
  • Personal Information

    Associate Professor

    Date of Employment:2011-07-01

    School/Department:Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

    Administrative Position:Professor

    Education Level:PhD Graduate


    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Chinese Academy of Science

  • Profile

    Yin Chen, Born in 1985, Ph. D, Associate Professor

    2001. 09-2005. 07 Wuhan University B.A.
    2005. 09-2011. 01 Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Ph. D.
    2011. 04-2014. 04 KAUST KCC Post-Doc Supervisor:Prof.Jean-marie Basset
    2014. 04-2015. 05 KAUST Solar Center Research Scientist Supervisor:Prof.Karl Leo

    Currently, Prof. Yin chen is focus on the research in the following pioneer fileds:

    1. Chaos Phase-- Chaos phase is put forward by Prof. Yin Chen the first time on this world (2019), which presents an interim phase between the crystal and amorphous phase, due to partial loss of periodicity in the three-dimension crystal lattice.
    2. Monolayer 2D materials-- Chaose phase materials have extremely weak interactions in one dimension of the crystal lattice, which can be exfoliated into monolayer nanosheets easily and present the first kinds of commercially monolayer 2D materials.
    3. SAC based on Surface immobilization -- High performence SAC were successfully prepared via SOMC strategy in our lab, which present a commercial and practicle way for the prodcution of SAC. We have made several best SAC electrocatalyst on this world .

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