• yanbinjiang
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Law
  • professor
  • central south university

Education Experience

  • 1990.91993.6

     Jilin University   Philosophy of science and technology   Master's Degree 

  • 2008.92009.9

     Bangor University School of Law   Law 

  • 2003.92006.6

     Central South University   Management Science and Engineering   Doctor's Degree 

Job Experience

  • 1987.31990.9

     teaching   Hubei Laifeng National Normal School   研究室主任 

  • 1990.91998.3

     School of literature and law   central south industry and technology university   院长助理 哲学研究所副所长 

  • 2000.52016.4

     School of Law Central South University   Central South University   研究所所长 研究中心主任 


  • Research Center for the transformation and develop

    Yuelu Changsha University Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Development Research Center was established in June 2013, it is a people-run non-enterprise units. Unit personnel from the Central South University Law School of overseas students returned from Dr. Yanbinjing and other college professors, jointly constructed by the Changsha Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Yuelu District science and Technology Bureau, Its activities in accordance with the provisions of Changsha City, that is interim provisions on actively promoting cooperation in industrial and academic research and improving the production realization of scientific and technological  achievements.
    The existing full-time staff of 10 people, 40 part-time people, 90% have a doctorate, 70% for overseas study Dr. returned or with study abroad background scholars, 7 lawyer, 6 patent agents, The core team members of the experts by the teachers, lawyers, patent agents, they were from Central South University, Hunan University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Changsha Research Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy, Shanghai (Changsha) law firm. The establishment of the database, including new materials, new energy, new medicine, logistics network, engineering machinery, software, culture and other 6 types of strategic emerging industries, involving 10 areas in the wisdom of the 300 experts. Has completed  the collection of non-ferrous metals, construction machinery, environmental protection and energy conservation and other 6 areas of patent database. The existing six research departments, including patent custody, strategic consulting, diagnosis and early warning, intangible assets evaluation, intellectual property transactions, legal risk prevention. At present, has received more than 2000 effective patent commissioned management right. Research Center logo for Epp Kurt (IPCreator) and IPPC for short, lts purpose is to develop and practice intellectual property culture.








  • Big Data Virtual Enterprise Park Collaborative

    Big Data Virtual Enterprise Park Collaborative innovation platform,BDVEP-CIP。









  • hunan research central of PPP

    hunan research central ofpublic-private-partnershi











Social Appointments

  • 2015.4-2016.12 Member of the central Legislative Council of China Democratic Construction Society

  • 2012.4-2016.10 Deputy head of the expert group on legislative consultation of Changsha Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee

  • 2013.4-2018.4 China Democratic National Construction Association Hunan provincial economic and Legal Committee of director

  • 2011.4-2018.4 Special inspector of Hunan provincial Procuratorate



Yanbinjiang,Doctor of economic law, is a professor from school of Law, Central South University, researcher from Intellectual Property Research Institute of Central South University, and also a Member of the central Legislative Council of China Democratic Construction Society, China Democratic National Construction Association Hunan provincial economic and Legal Committee of director, Deputy head of the expert group on legislative consultation of Changsha Municipal Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, Special inspector of Hunan provincial Procuratorate, Changsha City Intermediate People's Court judicial Supervisor, the ministry of commerce enterprise intellectual property rights overseas assistance center experts, Review expert of social science project of ministry of education, Senior visiting scholar of  Bangor University, Postgraduate Tutor of Civil and Commercial Law, AIPPI member, Senior srainer of Lugu School of entrepreneurship, Director of the Research Center for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Yuelu District, General counsel of Changsha. Changsha Chu for Intellectual Property Agency Co and Hunan PPP Development Research Center director. Engaged in teaching researches of undergraduate and graduate(JM, MBA, Master of Engineering ,Law Master ), including the intellectual property law, commercial law, economic law, international intellectual property law, foreign civil and commercial law, Rome law courses. He has made academic reports in Hunan provincial Trade and Industry Bureau, the Hunan Provincial Intellectual Property Office, the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Hunan provincial Copyright Bureau, Hunan provincial public security department, Yuelu District court, the National University Science Park, Changsha high tech Zone and other places. Its academic report topics include: modern enterprise intellectual property strategy, self entrepreneurial dreams--- intellectual property rights give you wings to fly, private enterprises and entrepreneurs, legal risk and control", "The Belt and Road carrying the hopes and dreams ----the international intellectual property strategy", and " Modern civil law interpretation about ten ancient Rome law. ". He has undertaken three national research projects and sixteen provincial and ministerial level issues, and has published 3 monographs and more than 50 papers. He participated in the drafting, discussion, formulation and consultation of the local regulations, including the patent protection regulations of Hunan province and the regulations of Changsha Municipality on the administration of urban management and the regulations of Zhi River environment comprehensive management, etc. Professor Jiang has a deep study on innovation and entrepreneurship legal risk prevention and intellectual property strategy, intellectual property right allocation and defense, enterprise intellectual property strategy diagnosis and early warning, the intellectual property strategy, intellectual property risk prevention and early warning legal, business assessment and protection of intellectual property rights, foreign civil and commercial law, Roman law, etc.

  • Entry Time:1993-03-31
  • Graduated University:中南大学
  • Honor& Award:民建湖南省三等功;
  • Office Location:中南大学法学院
  • Contact:jyb9397@csu.edu.cn; 073188830520; ipcreator@163.com
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