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    Li Zhong, male, born in August 1971, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Physical Education in 1994, members of the national track and field referee, 2005 2015 served as associate professor, master tutor, 2014 deputy director of sports department in charge of population and logistics work, social sports research, sports venue construction and management has long been engaged in 2013, according to the school policy, put forward "students' autonomous management, sports department guidance, temporary duty of" new stadiums management mode for our school sports venues open free to the teachers and students have provided theoretical basis and feasible management scheme; the establishment of the dragon and lion dance, Dragon Boat Sports associations and incorporate the comprehensive games, group activities for me school formation is different from other universities and the very central characteristic sports culture has made a contribution; now China athletics facilities Equipment Committee of distinguished experts and actively participate in the my school stadium, renovation and new work, and many times on behalf of the Chinese athletics acceptance of our province stadium, for our school, our province sports venue construction has contributed to.

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    Start time:2014.6
    Terminal time:.
    [1]  Social part-time job content:2014年-中国田径协会场地器材装备委员会特聘专家
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    [1]   2012.9-2015.9
    中南大学体育教研部 | 体育教育训练学 | Master's Degree | Graduation As Graduate Student
    [2]   1990.9-1994.7
    上海体育学院 | 体育教育 | Baccalaureate | University Graduation | 1990年9月-1994年6月,上海体育学院本科
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    [1]  Jul 1, 1994 to Now:  体育教研部 | 中南大学  | 体育教研部副主任 
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    彭文芝,女, 中共党员。本科毕业于湖南师范大学,研究生毕业于武汉体育学院。主修课程:艺术体操、健美操、体操、瑜伽。担任中南大学健美操队主教练,曾被评为年度先进个人、年度党员标兵、优秀青年教师。
    李越,1977年出生,籍贯山东,出生:黑龙江省大庆市,民族:汉族 ,学历:本科,2001年就职于中南大学体育部,担任场馆中心主任职务,积极向上,做事认真负责,以谨慎的工作作风,认真积极的工作态度,细心完成本职工作。年工作路程累计3000公里以上,工作踏实,刻苦耐劳,维稳工作突出。
    Under the condition of College Students' physical fitness today, let the students go out of the bedroom, out of the classroom, to the playground, the extensive development of sunshine sports is our historical responsibility. Central South University sports venues covers an area of about 200 thousand square meters. During the 45, our school will build a comprehensive gymnasium, will also repair new campus tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, railway campus gymnasium, track and field, Xiangya District track and field, then good stadiums will teachers and students of our school have group activities provide a solid supporting platform. At present, there are 26 students in our school sports associations, the monthly group activities carried out as many as 30. Under the advocacy group center, the establishment of the dragon and lion dance, Dragon Boat Sports Associations and their inclusion in the school sports meeting project. Chinese college students' Football Conference held in Central South University, Hunan Province, middle school teachers training in South Africa, is the affirmation and encouragement of group activities. "Daily, weekly, monthly game", a very central features of sports culture in Central South University campus is being formed.
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