• Jun Peng
    Position:Vice Chair of Department of Pharmacology
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Pharmacy
  • Vice Chair of Department of Pharmacology
  • 药学院

Education Experience

  • 1987.91991.7

     Hunan Medical University   Baccalaureate 

  • 1994.81997.6

     Hunan Medical University   Master's Degree 

  • 1999.82002.6

     Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South U   Doctor's Degree 

  • 2002.62007.7

     Washington State University 

Job Experience

  • 1991.71994.8

     Department of Clinical Biochemistry   Faculty of Laboratory Medicine 

  • 1997.71999.8

     Department of Biochemistry   College of Basic Medicine, Hunan Medical University 

  • 2003.12003.5

     Max Delbruk Molecular Medicine Center, Berlin, Germany 

  • 2007.8Now

     Department of Pharacology   School of Pharmaceutical Science, Central South University   Vice Chair 


  • Lab for Cardiovacular injury and prevention

Social Appointments

  • 2011.5-. Member of Hunan Pathophysiological Committee

  • 2014.2-. Membership in the Editorial Board for Receptors & Clinical Investigation

  • 2013.8-. Membership in the Editorial Board for Austin Journal of Pharmacology & Therapeutics

  • 2014.5-. Membership in the Editorial Board for Journal of Cardiology and Therapy

  • 2011.7-. Membership in the Editorial Board for Chinese Journal of Arteriosclerosis

  • 2011.5-. Member of a council for “International Arteriosclerosis Society (China Branch)”

  • 2014.4-. Member of the Cardiovascular Pharmacological Committee of the Chinese Pharmacological Society

  • 2014.3-. Member of Pharmacological Committee of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine  of the Chinese Pharmacological Society

  • 2011.5-. Member of Chinese arteriosclerosis Committee

  • 2014.9-. Member of a council for Hunan Province Pharmaceutical Society



Dr. Jun Peng graduated from Hunan Medical University with a Bachelor degree in 1991 and gained Master degree in Biochemistry in 1997 and PhD in Pharmacology in 2002 from Hunan Medical University and Central South University, respectively. Dr. Peng finished Postdoctoral training in Washington State University from July, 2002 to July, 2007. From August, 2002 to present, Dr Peng is a full professor and Vice Chair of the Dept. of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutic Science, Central South University. In addition, Dr. Peng is also a member in the Editorial Board for “Chinese Journal of Arteriosclerosis” and “Receptors and Clinical Investigation”, and a member of a council for “International Arteriosclerosis Society (China Branch)” and “Cardiovascular Pharmacology Society of China”, et al.
    Dr. Peng’s focuses his study on the role of endogenous substances in cardiovascular diseases. He is particularly interested in the correlation between oxidative stress and cardiovascular injury and drug therapy. Dr. Peng has published more than 80 papers in international journals such as “Circulation”, “PNAS”,“Circ Res” and “Basic Res Cardiol”. He obtained a serial financial supports from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China, Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province and American Heart Association. Due to his excellent performance, Dr. Peng earned a number of honors and awards, including “National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation of China”, “Postdoctoral Fellowship Award from American Heart Association”, “Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Prize for Youth” and “Academic Leader of Colleges in Hunan Province”.

  • Entry Time:2007-08-01
  • Graduated University:Central South University
  • Honor& Award:
  • Office Location:No.7th office at the second Teaching building in old compus of Xiangya School of Medicine
  • Contact:110 Xiangya Road, Department of Pgarmacology, Central South University, Changsha 410078, China