Qionghua Wan
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    Name: Qionghua Wan
    Schools: School of Marxism
    Birthday: December 5, 1968
    Office Location: The South Campus of three,515
    GraduatedUniversity: Hunan University
    Education Experience: Doctoral Graduate
    Degree:Doctor's Degree
    College: School of Marxism
    Unit: School of Marxism
    Entry Time: July 1, 1991
    Discipline: Marx Theory
    Prorank:  Graduate TeacherResearch Supervisor 
    Honored: The title of Hunan Province
    Contact: 15308495816
  • Resume

    I was born in 1968 in Yueyang, Hunan province. I am a professor of Marxism Department, PHD of history, Master tutor, visiting scholar of University of Michigan, the fifth discipline appraisal group member of Hunan academic committee, and the Women’s Studies editor of Copy Center of Renming University of China. I have been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate as well as doing research on teaching approaches for a long time. I have achieved 7 provincial and ministerial projects in the last 5 years, publishing more than 20 academic theses on Journal of Literature, History & Philosophy, Studies in Ethics, Jiangsu Social Sciences and so on, with five papers adopted and published originally in the issues of the Material in the Copy Press of Renming University of China, in addition, publishing one work and winning two academic prizes, one of the writers and compilers of one textbook and two works. I had been interviewed by the Eyeshot of Phoenix program ,Blossom: enlightenment of women’s liberation of women study. Apart from awarded as Furong Model, I am also a member of Women Study of Hunan province and Marriage and Family Association of Hunan province.
    Besides I had organized two Seminars: Sino-Japan Seminar on Reproductive Health and Gender Policy (2011) and Women Theory of Marxism and Social Gender Research (2014), and been invited to join in The First International Symposium on Gender Studies (Shanghai,2009), Annual Conference of China Women’s Research Society  with Forum of‘Beijing+15’ (Beijing, 2010), Academic seminar on the Theory and Method of Chinese Women's History (2010,Beijing), Academic Seminar on Chinese Marriage·Family·Gender· Sex Ethical Culture in twentieth Century (Beijing,2011), and International Symposium on Chinese Women and Visual Representation (Shanghai,2011).

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    Start time:2015.11
    Terminal time:.
    [1]  Social part-time job content:Secretary General of the teaching and Research Association of Hunan province "the outline of modern and contemporary history of China"
    Start time:2009.7
    Terminal time:.
    [2]  Social part-time job content:Director of women's Studies Association of Hunan Province
    Marriage and Family Research Association of Hunan Province
  • Education experience

    [1]   2004.9-2007.12
    Yuelu Academy of Hunan University | Yuelu Academy of Hunan University | Doctor's Degree | Doctoral candidate
    [2]   1999.9-2002.2
    Faculty of education, Beijing Normal University | Education | Master's Degree | Postgraduate Education
    [3]   1987.9-1991.7
    Hunan Normal Univerity | Chinese history | bachelor's degree | undergraduate college
  • Working Experience

    [1]  Sep 1, 2008 to Now:  School of Marxism | Central South University 
    [2]  Jul 1, 1991 to Sep 1, 2008:  Department of Politics and Law | Hunan Institute Of Science And Technology 
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