• Jianguo Yang
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Philosophy
  • Department of Philosophy, School of Public Administration

Education Experience

  • 2004.92011.6

     Sun Yat-san University   Philosophy   Doctor's Degree 

  • 2000.92003.6

     Central South University   Philosophy   Master's Degree 

  • 1990.91994.6

     Central China Normal University   Geography   Baccalaureate 

Job Experience

  • 1994.7Now

     School of public administration   Central south university (Changsha college of technology; Central south university of technology) 

  • 2012.22015.1

     Postdoctoral position in philosophy   Central south university 


  • Epistemology Group

    Dailing Li


    Huan Gong








Social Appointments

  • 2014.8-. Executive Director of The Chinese Society of Epistemology

  • 2013.10-. Executive director of The Hunan Society for Dialectics of Nature

  • 2014.9-2018.8 Associate Researcher of Center for Epistemology and Cognitive Science, Xiamen University

  • 2013.10-. Member of Theoretical Research Committee of the 8th Committee of Hunan province committee



Jianguo Yang/Ouyang received his Bachelor of Science (Major in Geography) from Central China Normal University in 1994, Master of Philosophy (Major in Philosophy of Science and Technology) from Central South University in 2003, and Ph.D. in Philosophy (Major in Foreign Philosophy) from Sun Yat-san University in 2011. From Feb. 2012 to Jan. 2015, Yang engaged in postdoctoral research at Postdoctoral Position in Philosophy of Central South University,and corrently, was Associate Professor of Philosophy at Central South University, Associate Researcher of Center for Epistemology and Cognitive Science at Xiamen University, Executive Director of Chinese Society of Epistemology, and Executive Director of Hunan Provincial Society for Dialectics of Nature.
      Yang's research is mainly in epistemology with particular focus on the following issues: the problem of skepticism, virtue epistemology, moral epistemology and epistemological contextualism. His principal works are "Contextualism in Contemporary Western Epistemology" (Hunan University Press, 2016), “Diagnosing the Problem of Skepticism” (Philosophical Researches, 2013), “The Structure of Skeptical Arguments” (Philosophical Researches, 2006), “Relevant Alternatives, Epistemic Closure, and Skepticism” (Philosophical Trends, 2014), “Attributor Contextualism and Skepticism” (Philosophical Trends, 2010), “Bootstrapping Contextualism” (Philosophical Trends, 2008), and “Context-Sensitivity of Knowledge Attributions” (Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2009). Aside from epistemology, Yang is also interested in the philosophy of science, the philosophy of mind and cognition,and, increasingly, ethics and political philosophy. His Indeterminism of Karl Popper: Moral Dimensions (World Book Inc., 2012) is a monograph in ethics and philosophy of Science.
      Yang led or is currently leading several externally funded research projects, including National Social Science Fundation Project on “The Nature of Knowledge and the Problem of Skepticism”, Humanities and Social Science Research Project of National Ministry of Education on “Epistemological Contextualism”, China Postdoctoral Science Fundation Project on “Moral Skepticism in the Context of Justification”, Social Science Fundation Project of Hunan Province on “Responds to Skepticism from perspective of Externalist Justification”,  and Ministerial University Basic Research Fund Project on "The Dretske-Nozick Line: Problems and Solutions", etc. Yang was awarded the 11th Hunan Provincial Prize for Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science in 2012, the 3rd Hongqian Prize for Excellence in Philosophical Essays in 2014, and the Prize for Excellent Teachers of Central South University-Xinheng Education Fundation in 2015.

  • Entry Time:1994-07-01
  • Graduated University:Sun Yat-san University
  • Honor& Award:The 3rd Hongqian Prize for Excellence in Philosophical Essays(2014)  The 11th Hunan Provincial Prize for Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and Social Science (2012)
  • Office Location:720B Shenghua Building(North), Central South University
  • Contact:jgyang@csu.edu.cn