• Yang Yu
    Position:Dean of Division of Ancient Chinese Literature
  • Doctor's Degree
  • China Language Literature
  • Dean of Division of Ancient Chinese Literature
  • School of Chinese Language and Literature

Education Experience

  • 1992.91996.6

     East China Normal University   French Literature   Baccalaureate 

  • 1996.91998.6

     East China Normal University   Chinese Philosophy   Master's Degree 

  • 1998.92001.6

     East China Normal University   Chinese Ancient Chinese Literature   Master's Degree 

  • 2004.42004.10

     Université de Grenoble 3 Stendhal-Certificate   French Literature 

Job Experience

  • 2001.62002.7

     School of Foreign Language   CSU 

  • 2002.72006.9

     School of Chinese Language and Literature   CSU 

  • 2006.9Now

     School of Chinese Literature, Journalism and Communications   CSU   Dean of Division of Ancient Chinese Literature 

  • 2013.4Now

     School of Chinese Literature, Journalism and Communications   CSU   Head of Base of Research and Spread of Chinese Traditional Chanting 

  • 2015.4Now

     Academic Council   CSU   Vice chairman 

Social Appointments

  • - CPPCC member in Hunan Province

  • - Vice-chairman of Chanting Society of Hunan

  • - Routine director of Ci Poetry Research Association of China

  • - Speaker of CCTV’s program “Lecture Room of BAI JIA”

  • - Celebrity Judge of CCTV-10’s Program for Chinese idioms

  • - Celebrity Judge of CCTV International’s program “Happy Chinese”

  • - Celebrity Judge of Hebei TV’s program for Chinese poetry and verses

  • - Celebrity Speaker of Xingchen Arts Center in Changsha



Born in 1974 in Changsha, Professor Yang Yu, who got the name from the Book of Songs, devotes herself to Ancient Chinese Literature. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in France Literature in East China Normal University in 1996. In 1998, she got her Master’s Degree in Chinese Philosophy in East China Normal University. After three years, she received her Ph.D. in Ancient Chinese Literature. After several years’ pursuit, she chose Ancient Chinese Literature as her lifelong business. Professor Yang also masters France, English, and German. In 2004, she was sponsored by Government of France for a further study in teaching method, and finally received a Certificate of Completion awarded by CUEF and IMEF. She has also been principal investigator of more than five ministerial or provincial social science projects, authored 14 books and over 50 academic papers. She has been recipient of provincial or school awards for science advancement and teaching excellence. Professor Yang Yu, Head of Base of Research and Spread of Chinese Chanting, is committed to collecting, reorganizing, and researching Chinese traditional chanting. She also promotes the popularity of chanting with active communication with academic groups from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, and Korea.

  • Entry Time:2001-06-28
  • Graduated University:East China Normal University
  • Honor& Award:
  • Office Location:413room,School of Chinese Language and Literature,CSU
  • Contact:pluiereve@hotmail.com