• Position:Archiater/Professor/Dean of Academic Department
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Archiater/Professor/Dean of Academic Department
  • The third Xiangya Hospital

Education Experience

  • 2001.92004.7

     2nd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University   General Surgery Department   Doctor's Degree 

  • 1994.91997.7

     Ruijin Hospital of School of Medicine, SJTU   General Surgery Department   Master's Degree 

  • 1987.91992.7

     University of South China   General Surgery Department   Baccalaureate 

Job Experience

  • 2015.52015.9

     The world minimally invasive surgery center of affiliated hospital, UIUC 

  • 2008.92009.9

     the European Pancreas Center   Univ Heidelberg Germany 

  • 2004.7Now

     General Surgery Department   3rd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University   Dean of Academic Department 


  • Pancreatic MDT group of the 3rd Xiangya Hospital

           As the team leader, I’ve been working on the basic and clinical research of pancreatic diseases, particularly in acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic carcinoma. Our MDT team in 3rd Xiangya Hospital have tirelessly been devoting ourselves in forming multidisciplinary collaboration on a hospital level and performing standardized treatment of pancreatic diseases while pursuing new treatment. We’ve established a treating system with unique characteristics, aiming at improving the cure rate and prognosis. To achieve our goal, we’ve assemble an elite team consisting of not only pancreatic surgeons, but experts from Department of Gastroenterology, ICU, Ultrasonography, Radiology, Patholgy, etc.

    Xiao Yu

    Feiz Huang

    Wanpin Nie


    Xiaoy Wang




    Ling Chu

    Jichun Sun


    Cf Wang

    Lihua Huan

    Can Yu

    Hongw Zhu

    Zhiq Li

    Duo Han


    Hui Huang

    Mm Shang


Social Appointments

  • - A-PHPBA: Member

  • - Chinese Medical Doctor Association: Standing member of pancreatic diseases professional committee

  • - Chinese Anti-Cancer Association: member of Minimally invasive treatment group of pancreatic cancer professional committee.

  • - China International Exchange and Promotive Association for Medical and Health Care: member of pancreatic diseases branch committee

  • - Hunan provincial pancreas surgery group: deputy chief

  • - Hunan provincial colorectal anus surgery group: member

  • - Hunan provincial gastrointestinal surgery group: member and secretary general

  • - Hunan provincial abdominal wall defect and hernia surgery group: member

  • - Editorial board member of "Journal of the pancreas disease"



My name is Xiao Yu, born in November 1968 in Yueyang Hunan, member of Communist Party of China. I'm now working as an archiater, professor and doctoral tutor in the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of Central South University.I was recommended by the Ministry of Education in 2008 and spent 1 year working at the European center for pancreatic surgery in Univ Heidelberg Germany as a visiting scholar. During 2015.06~2015.09, I was recommended by the 3rd Xiangya Hospital to receive the Davinci robotic surgery training in University of Southern California and University of Chicago.
        I've been working in the general surgery department for over 20 years and have experience in treating complex and difficult diseases of the liver, biliary tract, pancreas, spleen and gastrointestinal tract, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of disease of pancreatic and duodenum surgery(severe acute pancreatitis, pancreatic carcinoma and chronic pancreatitis), thanks to the time I’ve spent at the clinical frontline.
        Throughout the years, I’ve done numerous clinical work and scientific research on the diagnosis and treatment of severe acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic carcinoma, pancreatic endocrine tumor, distal bile duct carcinoma and duodenal neoplasms, and have formed and promoted to peers in China a complete clinical procedure and our own characteristics.I lead over 10 national, provincial or departmental projects, including 2 general projects funded by State Natural Sciences Foundation; I’ve published over 40 original articles as the first or corresponding author, including 9 SCI articles; I won provincial science progress awards several time, including wining the 3rd prize of Hunan Provincial Sci&Tech Progress Awards twice; I’ve held the ”Sino-Eu Pancreatic Disease multidisciplinary Forum” (national further education project) as the chairman of the conference, which have great influence in China; I was commissioned by  the People’s Military Medical Press and translated and publised “Disease of the Pancreas”, “Uncommon Pancreatic Neoplasms”, “Imaging and Pathology of Pancreatic Neoplasms”, which are of great significance in dealing with pancreatic disease during clinical practice. Besides performing traditional pancreatic surgery, I’ve been doing laparoscopic and ”DaVinci” robot assisting pancreaticoduodenectomy, distal pancreatectomy and have made decent achievements.

  • Entry Time:2004-07-01
  • Graduated University:Xiangya Medical School of the Central South Univer
  • Honor& Award:Hunan Provincial "225 Talents"---Leading Talents of pancreatic surgery; disciplinary key member of the "125 talents" in the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of CSU; Talent of the "frontrunner towards perfectionism" project in the 3rd Xiangya Hospital of CSU;
  • Office Location:Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery Department of the 3rd Xiangya Hospital/Academic Department
  • Contact:13677307108