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  • 410083
  • Metallurgy and Environment

Educational Background

  • 1998.32001.3

     同济大学   环境工程   Doctoral degree   PhD Graduate 

  • 1995.91998.3

     南京理工大学   环境工程   Master's degree   Master's degree 

  • 1987.91991.6

     华东工学院   环境工程   Bachelor's degree   University graduated 

Work Experience

  • 2010.9Now

    中南大学      冶金与环境学院    教授

  • 2003.92010.9

    中南大学      冶金科学与工程学院    副教授

  • 2001.32003.9

    中南大学      冶金科学与工程学院    博士后/讲师

  • 1991.61995.6

    冷水滩市环保局      管理科    公务员

Research Group

  • Name of Research Group:周康根课题组

    Description of Research Group:本团队有教授3人,副教授1人,博士与硕士研究生30余人,研究方向主要是污水控制技术,承担国家和省部级科研课题数十项,年进账科研经费近200万。









Social Affiliations

  • 中国环境科学学会高级会员、环保部清洁生产技术联盟分会学术委员会主任委员、中国有色金属工业协会再生金属分会学术委员会委员、国家科学技术奖励评审专家、国际科技合作计划评价专家、湖南省科技成果鉴定专家、教育部高等学校博士点基金项目评议专家、有色金属行业科技专家库专家、《Chemical Engineering Communications》、《Environmental Science & Technology》、 《Journal of Membrane Science》、《Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China》、《Journal of Central south University》、《化工学报》、《环境工程学报》、《中南大学学报》、《湖南农业大学学报》等审稿专家。


Personal Information

Prof. Dewen He has been engaged in environmental protection work for a long time and have made remarkable achievements in the field of environmental engineering.In terms of scientific research, he has been responsible for and participated in the completion of more than 50 national, provincial-level and university-enterprise cooperation projects, applied for 20 national invention patents, and published more than 100 academic papers, including 40 indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP. He was the Editor in chief of the environmental impact assessment (national "11th five-year plan" for teaching), "environment planning", "environmental assessment", "physical pollution control engineering", "urban sewage treatment technology",etc. He also participated in compiling a textbook of Solid Waste Engineering. He has won one first prize of Science and Technology Progress of higher education Ministry, three first prizes of Science and Technology Progress of Hunan Province, one first prize of science and technology of China Non-ferrous Metals Industry Association, and one second prize of Excellent Textbooks of University Press in central And Southern China.

In terms of teaching, as the backbone of teaching, he undertook four courses of Introduction to Environmental Science, Principles of Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal, and Environmental Impact Assessment for undergraduate students and two courses of Principles of Environmental Engineering and Environmental Assessment and Planning for graduate students. At present, he is mainly responsible for the courses including Principles of Environmental Engineering, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning. He undertook and completed 4 undergraduate teaching reform projects of Central South University, published 6 teaching and research papers as the first author, supervised 15 master students and 40 undergraduate graduation projects (theses). He has won the second "Ten Best Teaching Plans" award for Young Teachers of Central South University, the training object of Young Backbone Teachers of Ordinary colleges and universities in Hunan Province, one first, second and third prize of education and Teaching Achievements of Central South University, and Chen Xinmin Award for Outstanding Young Teacher of Central South University.

  • School/Department:Metallurgy and Environment
  • Administrative Position:410083
  • Business Address:中南大学校本部冶金馆4楼
  • Contact Information:hedewen@csu.edu.cn 电子信箱:hedewen@csu.edu.cn
  • Alma Mater:同济大学
  • Discipline:Environmental Science and Engineering
  • Honors and Titles:
  • 获湖南省普通高等学校青年骨干教师培养对象、中南大学第二届青年教师 “十佳教案”优胜奖、获中南大学教育教学成果一、二、三等奖各1项、获中南大学陈新民优秀年轻教师奖。;
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