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    School/Department:Minerals Processing and Bioengineering

    Administrative Position:Professor

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:中南大学资源加工与生物工程学院和平楼


    Contact Information:+86 15874096846

    Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering


    Alma Mater:University of Alberta

    Discipline:Mining Industrial Engineering

    Honors and Titles:
    2021-03-23elected:“有色金属智库杯” 冶金优秀青年支撑计划 三等奖
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    Wenjihao Hu, male, born in Changsha, Hunan, professor, School of metallurgy and environment, Central South University.

    He received a double bachelor's degree from Central South University and Monash University in Australia (Majored in Chemical Engineering), supervised by Professor Xiwang Zhang (director of arc efficient energy separation research center) and Professor Wang Huanting Wang(Australian laureate fellowships, academician of the Australian Academy of Engineering), and a doctor's degree in engineering (Specified in Chemical Engineering) from the University of Alberta in Canada, supervised by Professor Hongbo Zeng (academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Young academician of the Royal Academy of Sciences, chief scientist of intermolecular and Interface Science).

    In recent five years, he has published 33 papers in high-level SCI journals (30 in the high area), and the papers have been cited more than 600 times, h-index 15 and I10 index 23(Google academic statistics), including chemical engineering journal, Langmuir, Journal of colloidal and Interface Science, Journal of membrane science, Minerals Engineering, applied surface science, nano energy, advances in colloidal and Interface Science, ACS Applied Materials & interfaces, advanced science, etc. It is mainly engaged in the research of mineral stripping, assembly, modification, mineral surface properties and intermolecular forces, including a variety of intermolecular interactions and interface phenomena in engineering systems such as mineral processing and Petroleum Engineering (mineral flotation, oil-water separation, design and application of mineral materials, etc.); He obtained the Youth Science Foundation Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (5210041330). He served as the reviewer editor of "frontier in materials", the cooperative and academic editor of "minerals", the young Editorial Committee of Nonferrous Metals Science and engineering, the member of the Ninth Editorial Committee of comprehensive utilization of minerals, the certified "resident expert" of nonferrous metals research centre, the first young Editorial Committee of Engineering Science Journal, and the Chinese Journal of nonferrous metals. He served as the first young editorial board of the English version and long-term reviewers of many international high-level magazines, and authorized 3 Chinese invention patents as the first or second inventor. It is committed to revealing the interaction mechanism between ions, reagent molecules and mineral surface in micro nano scale, so as to optimize the flotation process and develop the research on the stripping application of flotation reagents and mineral materials.

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    [1]  2022.8- Now
    [2]  2021.12- Now
    [3]  2021.8- Now
    [4]   《工程科学学报》第一届青年编委会
    [5]   有色金属智库认证“入驻专家”
    [6]   杂志《矿产综合利用》第九届届编委会委员
    [7]   杂志《有色金属科学与工程》青年编委
    [8]   2020中国有色金属学会青年科技论坛:大会组委会
    [9]  2021.3- Now
    杂志“Minerals”学术编辑, Special Issue "Studies on Colloidal Chemistry and Intermolecular Forces of Minerals"
    [10]   杂志“Minerals”合作编辑, Special Issue: Flotation Chemistry, Volume 2
    [11]   杂志“Frontiers in Materials” 审稿编辑
  • Education Background

    [1]  2010.9- 2015.1
    中南大学 | University graduated | 学士
    [2]  2013.1- 2015.1
    莫纳什大学 | University graduated | 学士
    [3]  2015.9- 2020.4
    阿尔伯塔大学 | PhD Graduate | 博士
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2023.4- Now
    中南大学 | 资源加工与生物工程学院
    [2]  2022.4- 2023.4
    中南大学 | 冶金与环境学院 | 教授
    [3]  2020.12- 2022.4
    中南大学 | 冶金与环境工程学院 | 副教授
    [4]  2020.4- 2020.9
    加拿大阿尔伯塔大学 | 化学与材料工程学院 | 博士后
    [5]  2019.9- 2020.3
    加拿大阿尔伯塔大学 | 化学与材料工程系 | 研究助理
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