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Huan Li
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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    School/Department:School of Geosciences and Info-physics

    Education Level:PhD Graduate



    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Kyushu University


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    I am working at the School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University (China) as a distinguished professor (full). I am focusing on the research in Tectonics, Structure Geology, Mineralogy, Geology and Petrology, Mineral Prospecting and Exploration. I am interested in the granite-related W-Sn deposits and low-temperature Sb-Au deposits. I welcome international candidates to join my research group as master or PhD students, applying for the CSC scholarship. Cooperation in sample analysis and publications are also expected.

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    2018/04–present: Professor, School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University

    2014/10–2018/03: Lecturer, Faculty of Earth Resources, China University of Geosciences


    2011/10–2014/9: Ph.D student in Kyushu University, Japan, majoring in Economic Geology. Degree awarded: Doctor of Engineering.

    2008/9–2011/6: Master student in Central South University, China, majoring in Economic Geology. Degree awarded: Master of Engineering.

    2004/9–2008/6: Undergraduate student in Central South University, China, majoring in Geological Engineering (Mineral Prospecting and Exploration). Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering.

    Research and Project experiences

    Since 2006, I have participated in many field investigations and projects on ore deposits in China and other countries. Representative sites are Xikuangshan antimony mine area (Hunan, China, 2006/8–2006/9); Dafangshan and Huluyu gold deposit (Henan, China, 2007/5–2007/7); Shexingshan polymetallic deposit (Hunan, China, 2007/11), Hongdenggou gold deposit (Qinhai, China, 2008/4–2008/5); Hutouya mining area (Qinhai, China, 2008/5–2008/6); Pingguo aluminum ore deposit (Guangxi, China, 2008/6–2008/7 and 2009/10–2009/11); NEGLASARI gold deposit (BANTEN, Indonesia, 2008/8–2008/9 and 2009/2–2009/3); Zhaokalong Iron–copper polymetallic deposit (Qinhai, China, 2009/6–2009/7); Huangshaping–Baoshan Pb–Zn–Cu polymetallic metallogenic regin (Hunan, China, 2009/8–2009/9 and 2011/2-2011/3); Krakatau active volcano (2012/9); Hishikari gold deposit (Kagoshima, Japan, 2013/5); Borro gold deposit and Erdent copper deposit (Mongolia, 2013/9), South Hunan W-Sn polymatallic deposits (2011/10-2014/9) and Banxi antimony deposit (2015/8).

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    [1]  2004.9- 2008.6
    中南大学 | 地质工程(资源勘查工程) | University graduated | Bachelor's degree
    [2]  2008.9- 2011.6
    中南大学 | 矿产普查与勘探 | Master's degree | Master's degree
    [3]  2011.10- 2014.9
    日本九州大学 | 地球资源系统工程 | PhD Graduate | Doctoral degree
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