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Maosheng LI

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Optimization of traffic signal parameters based on distribution of link travel time

DOI number:10.1007/s11171-017-3445-0

Journal:J. Cent. South Univ.

Key Words:travel time distribution; signalized intersection; signal cycle time; green split

Abstract:In order to make full use of digital data, such as data extracted from electronic police video systems, and optimize intersection signal parameters, the theoretical distribution of the vehicle’s road travel time must first be determined. The intersection signal cycle and the green splits were optimized simultaneously, and the system total travel time was selected as the optimization goal. The distribution of the vehicle’s link travel time is the combined results of the flow composition, road marking, the form of control, and the driver’s driving habits. The method proposed has 15% lower system total stop delay and fewer total stops than the method of TRRL (Transport and Road Research Laboratory) in England and the method of ARRB (Australian Road Research Board) in Australia. This method can save 0.5% total travel time and will be easier to understand and test, which establishes a causal relationship between optimal results and specific forms of road segment management, such as speed limits.

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