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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    School/Department:Powder Metallurgy Research Institute

    Business Address:Building 783 room 309 and Building Sany room 417

    Contact Information:E-mail: Mobile: 13667385511 Fax: +86731-88836078

    Academic Titles:Associate Professor

    Alma Mater:Central South University

    Discipline:Materials Science and Engineering

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    Ph.D.,  Professor
    Research Institute of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University,Changsha, Hunan, 410083, P.R. China

    Mobile: 86-13667385511

    Present research directions
    CVD (Chemical vapor depositon):
    Chemical vapor depositon of Carbon/carbon composites
    Chemical vapor depositon of pyrolysis graphite
    Chemical vapor depositon of isotropic pyrolytic carbon
    Chemical vapor depositon of carbon sphere
    Chemical vapor depositon of carbon nanotubes
    Chemical vapor depositon of SiC coatings
    CVR(Chemical vapor reaction):
    Chemical vapor reaction of SiC gradient coatings on carbon materials
    Coatings and matrix containing Hf, Zr and SiC for anti-oxidation and anti-ablation applications.
    Continuous graphitization purification of graphite with eco-friendly technology
    Spherical graphite for cathode materials
    Fabrication method and equipment of low cost HIP graphite
    Fabrication of 3D graphene oxide
    Inorganic synthesis:
    Carbon sphere and Si- Carbon sphere synthesis for Lithium-Ion cathode
    Low temperature pyrolytic carbon modified Lithium-Ion Anode
    Pyrolytic carbon modified carbon paper for PEMFC
    Fabrication of high purity ZrB2 powder
    HP (hot pressure) of B4C for bearings applications

    Research Projects
     “Evolution and formation mechanism of pyrocarbon of CVD ”
    -Supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China
    NSFC-50802115, 2009- 2011
    Director: Ming-yu Zhang
    “High infiltration efficiency and process control of high performance C/C composites”
    -Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of PR China
    973 Program, Jan. 2011- Aug. 2015
    Director: Qi-zhong Huang
     “Continuous graphitization purification of graphite with eco-friendly technology”
    -Supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of PR China
    863 Program, Jan. 2013- June. 2015
    Director: Ming-yu Zhang

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