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    Associate Professor

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    School/Department:Metallurgy and Environment

    Administrative Position:Lecturer

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:金贵楼309



    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Peking University

    Discipline:Environmental Science and Engineering

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    Dr. Xi TANG (Female, 29 years old) is a lecture in Microbiological Water Treatment.  Her expertise covers microbiological nitrogen removal process, molecular ecology, taxonomy and bacterial phylogeny. Her main research activities include in the application of anaerobic ammonia oxidation process, the analysis of microbial metabolic network and the interaction of microbial community.


    (1) Tang Xi; Guo Yongzhao; Wu Shanshan; Chen Liming; Tao Huchun; Liu Sitong *; Metabolomics Uncovers the Regulatory Pathway of Acyl-homoserine Lactones Based Quorum Sensing in Anammox Consortia, Environmental Science & Technology, 2018, 52(4): 2206-2216.

    (2) Tang Xi; Guo Yongzhao; Jiang Bo; Liu Sitong*; Metagenomic approaches to understanding bacterial communication during the anammox reactor start-up, Water Research, 2018, 136: 95-103.

    (3) Tang Xi; Liu Sitong*; Zhang Zuotao; Zhuang Guoqiang; Identification of the release and effects of AHLs in anammox culture for bacteria communication, Chemical Engineering Journal, 2015, 273: 184-191.

    (4) Tang Xi; Guo Yongzhao; Zhu Tingting; Tao Huchun; Liu Sitong*; Identification of quorum sensing signal AHLs synthases in Candidatus Jettenia caeni and their roles in anammox activity, Chemosphere, 2019, 225: 608-617.

    (1) Guo Yongzhao; Liu Sitong*; Tang Xi; Yang Fenglin; Role of c-di-GMP in anammox aggregation and systematic analysis of its turnover protein in Candidatus Jettenia caeni, Water Research, 2017, 113, 181-190.

    (2) Guo Yongzhao; Liu Sitong*; Tang Xi; Wang Chao; Niu Zhao; Feng Ying; Insight into cdi-GMP Regulation in Anammox Aggregation in Response to Alternating Feed Loadings, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017, 51(16), 9155-9164.

    (3) Zhao Yunpeng; Liu Shufeng; Jiang Bo; Feng Ying;Zhu Tingting ;Tao Huchun; Tang Xi; Liu Sitong*; Genome-Centered Metagenomics Analysis Reveals the Symbiotic Organisms Possessing Ability to Cross-Feed with Anammox Bacteria in Anammox Consortia, Environmental Science & Technology, 2018, 52(19), 11285-11296.

    (4) Jiang Chukuan; Tang Xi; Tan Hao; Feng Fan; Xu Zhaomeng; Mahmood Qaisar; Zeng Weizhi; Min Xiaobo; Tang Chongjian*; Effect of scrubbing by NaClO backwashing on membrane fouling in anammox MBR, Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 670, 149-157.

    (5) Zhao Yunpeng; Jiang Bo; Tang Xi; Liu Sitong*; Metagenomic insights into functional traits variation and coupling effects on the anammox community during reactor start-up, Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 687, 50-60.

    (6) Tan Hao; Wang Yunyan; Tang Xi; Li Lushan; Feng Fan; Mahmood Qaisar; Wu Di; Tang Chongjian*; Quantitative determination of cavitation formation and sludge flotation in Anammox granules by using a new diffusion-reaction integrated mathematical model, Water Research, 2020, 174, 115632

    (7) Yu Cheng.; Li Lushan.; Jiang Chukuan; Tang Xi.; Feng Fan; Tang Jia; Tang Chongjian*; Chai Liyuan. Insights into Anammox Activity Inhibition under Trivalent and Hexavalent Chromium Stresses, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 147 (April), 118–125.

    (8) Feng Fan; Duan Chengshan; Tang Xi; Chen Xi; Lu Xuan; Chai Xinlin; Mahmood Qaisar; Tang Chongjian*; Chai Liyuan; Performance, Microbial Community and Inhibition Kinetics of Long-Term Cu2+ Stress on an Air-Lift Nitritation Reactor with Self-Recirculation, Journal of Environmental Sciences (China), 2020, 91, 117–127.

    (9) Yu Cheng; Tang Xi; Li LuShan; Chai Xilin; Xiao Ruiyang; Wu Di; Tang ChongJian*; Chai Liyuan; The long-term effects of hexavalent chromium on anaerobic ammonium oxidation process: Performance inhibition, hexavalent chromium reduction and unexpected nitrite oxidation, Bioresource Technology, 2019, 283: 138-147.

    (10) Tang Chong-Jian;Chen Xi;Feng Fan;Liu Zhi-Gong;Song Yu-Xia ;Wang Yun-Yan ;Tang Xi*; Roles of bacterial cell and extracellular polymeric substance on adsorption of Cu (II) in activated sludges: A comparative study, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 2021, 41: 102094.

    (11) Feng Fan#; Tang Xi#; Qu Caiyan; Lu Xuan; Liu Zhigong; Tang Jia; Tang Chong-Jian; Chai Liyuan; Hydroxylamine addition enhances fast recovery of anammox activity suffering Cr(VI) inhibition, Bioresource Technology, 2021, 329, 124920

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    [1]  2009.8- 2013.7
    大连理工大学 | 环境科学 | University graduated | Bachelor's degree
    [2]  2013.9- 2018.7
    北京大学 | 环境工程 | PhD Graduate | Doctoral degree
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