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Feixiang Wu

Research Group


Name of Research Group:储能材料化学

Description of Research Group:主要围绕高比能二次电池关键材料设计与材料界面科学开展应用基础研究

Team members Introduction:

2020级 直博生 (中南大学本-博计划) \

1. Rongyu Deng#, Meng Wang#, Huanyu Yu#, Shunrui Luo, Fulu Chu, Bin Liu, and Feixiang Wu*, Recent Advances and Applications towards Emerging Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Working Principles and Opportunities (Invited review), #Contributed equally.  Energy & Environmental Materials. 2021,

2. Rongyu Deng , Fulu Chu , Huanyu Yu, Felix Kwofie, Mingzhi Qian , You Zhou,*, and Feixiang Wu * Electrochemical performance of expanded graphite prepared from anthracite via a microwave method, Fuel Processing Technology, 2022, 227, 107100.

3. Rongyu Deng, Fulu Chu, Felix Kwofie, Zengqiang Guan, Jieshuangyang Chen, Feixiang Wu*, A low-concentration electrolyte for high-voltage lithium-metal batteries: fluorinated solvation shell and low salt concentration effect, Submitted.