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A Phase Optimization Method for DS-InSAR Based on SKP Decomposition from Quad-Polarized Data

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DOI number:10.1109/LGRS.2021.3050675

Journal:IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters

Key Words:Covariance matrices;Scattering; Coherence; Radar Polarimetry; Decorrelation; Matrix Decomposition; Radar scattering; Distributed Scatterer Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DS-InSAR); Quad-polarization; Sum of Kronecker Product (SKP) Decomposition.

Abstract:A novel distributed scatterer interferometric synthetic aperture radar (DS-InSAR) method is presented in which the sum of Kronecker product (SKP) decomposition method is applied to DS candidates. Unlike existing polarimetric optimization methods, the proposed method considers polarimetric and interferometric coherence information simultaneously, resulting in separation of the polarimetric scattering process for each target and the maximum diversity for the corresponding phase center locations. Physical reliability of the phase optimization solution is thereby ensured. The performance of the novel method is evaluated using 30 quad-polarized C-band Radarsat-2 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images over Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. The proposed method provides a higher density of measurement scatterer (MS) points and a higher quality of DS interferometric phase with a temporally stable phase center than single-polarization (HH) method and quad-polarization exhaustive search polarimetric optimization (ESPO) method. Thus, the proposed method shows good performance in phase quality improvement and point density increasement.

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