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Monitoring of gamma radiation in aseismic region and its response to seismic events

Affiliation of Author(s):中南大学

Journal:Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

Funded by:国家自然基金项目(40874055);湖南省自然科学基金项目(14JJ2012)

Key Words:Gamma ray ;Statistical uncertainty ;Singular value decomposition; Earthquake

Abstract:The surface gamma dose was monitored by RS-230 amma spectrometer in aseismic region from March 2018 to April 2019. The behavior of gamma radiation were analyzed, the results show that is obviously affected by rainfall. Based on the meteorological dataset provided by National Meteorological Information Center, the method for quantitative removal of rainfall interference is proposed. The statistical uncertainty is an intrinsic property of radionuclide and has a significant impact on gamma data. This paper proposed the method to remove statistical uncertainty of gamma radiation based on singular

Co-author:Qiangqiang Wang, Jiabin Yan*, Xi Guo

Indexed by:Unit Twenty Basic Research



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