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Numerical modeling study for the impact of seismic activity on radon migration

Affiliation of Author(s):entral South University, School of Earth Sciences and Information Physics, China

Journal:Proceedings of the 10Th international symposium on

Key Words:radon migration; numerical modeling; Seismic activity;

Abstract:Based on convection-diffusion theory, this paper established the two-dimensional model of radon migration in the finite depth soil cover above approximate vertical fault, derived the two-dimensional transient equations of the radon migration, and simulated the law of radon migration by using the staggered-grid finite-difference method. The influence of tectonic movement was added to the model to analyze the impact of seismic activity on surface radon concentration. When the depth of the soil cover is 50m, the effective diffusion coefficient is 2cm2/s, and the vertical convection velocity is

Co-author:Wang Qiang-qiang, Yan Jia-bin, Guo X

Indexed by:Unit Twenty Basic Research


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Page Number:70-74

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