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Precision of meshfree methods and application to forward modeling of two-dimensional electromagnetic sources

Affiliation of Author(s):浙江省水利水电勘测设计院;中南大学地球科学与信息物理学院;有色资源与地质灾害探查湖南省重点实验室


Funded by:国家自然基金资助项目(40874055);湖南省自然基金资助项目(07JJ5065)

Key Words:Element-free Galerkin method; Point interpolation method; Radial point interpolation method; two-dim

Abstract:Meshfree method has the advantage of high accuracy and complex model computing capability and its construction of shape function does not rely on predefined element grid. The paper presents the approximate principle of global weak-form meshfree method such as element-free Galerkin method(EFGM), point interpolation method(PIM) and radial point interpolation method(RPIM). Support-domain dimensionless size, field nodes and background element grid setting are studied for the influence of calculation accuracy of meshfree method by two-dimensional Poisson equation. The RPIM and the EFGM are applie

Co-author:Huang xiangyu, Yan jiabin, Li junjie

Indexed by:Unit Twenty Basic Research

Document Code:DOI:10.1007/s11770-015-0511-3


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