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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Date of Employment:2017-02-01

    School/Department:Institute of Precision Medicine, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University

    Administrative Position:Professor

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:No 110 Xiangya Road Kaifu District, Changsha, Hunan, China, 410008


    Contact Tel:0731-84805348

    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Academic Titles:中南大学湘雅医院精准分子医学湖南省重点实验室研究员,中南大学生命科学学院医学遗传学研究中心研究员

    Other Post:中南大学湘雅医院临床生物样本中心主任

    Alma Mater:University of Science and Technology of China

    Discipline:Clinical Medicine

    Honors and Titles:
    2017-05-09elected:国家第13批“ 第13批青年千人”青年项目
    2014-04-01elected:PBBR Postdoc Fellowship award
    2014-04-01elected:CTSI-Strategic Opportunities Support award for junior investigator
  • Profile

    I envisioned a career in Life Science when I was a kid, and have been pursuing this dream ever since. Starting as a summer student in a chemistry lab, I studied controlled release of anti-tumor drugs. During that period of time, I developed a strong interest in cell division controls. I joined Dr. Yao’s lab at USTC as a graduate student later on, to explore molecular mechanisms that ensure accurate segregation of chromosomes in mitosis. In 2010, I joined Dr. O’Farrell’s lab at UCSF as a postdoctoral researcher to further study cell cycle regulations during early embryonic development. In 2017, I joined Xiangya Hospital of Central South University as a faculty member. My lab is using state-of-the-art biophotonic sensors and advanced microscopy to visualize key biological events associated with early embryogenesis as well as tumorigenesis.

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    [1]  2019.10- Now
    [2]  2019.10- Now
    [3]  2019.5- Now
    [4]  2018.12- 2022.11
    [5]  2018.5- 2023.5
    [6]   5. 中国微循环学会肿瘤微循环专业委员会委员,医学工程学组副组长
    [7]   听觉、语言和交流研究分会青委会委员
    [8]   The Genetics Society of America
    [9]   Specialist, Faculty of 1000
    [10]   American Society for Cell Biology
  • Education Background

    [1]  2004.9- 2009.7
    University of Science and Technology of China | Cell and Molecular Biology | PhD Graduate | Doctoral degree
    [2]  2000.9- 2004.7
    中国科学技术大学 | 生命科学学院 | University graduated | Bachelor's degree
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2017.2- Now
    中南大学湘雅医院/中南大学生命科学学院 | 研究员
    [2]  2016.4- 2017.1
    University of California San Francisco | Biochemistry and Biophysics | Specialist | Specialist
    [3]  2010.4- 2016.3
    University of California San Francisco | Biochemistry and Biophysics | Postdoc | 博士后
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    Name of Research Group:Yuan Lab

    Description of Research Group:本团队现有教授1名,副教授1名、实验室管理员1名,技术员2名,博士后3名,博士研究生3名,硕士研究生5名。

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