Dexian Zhang

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Date of Birth:1978-04-24
Business Address:地科楼401(新校区),地学楼121(校本部)


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国家重点研发计划 “循环经济关键技术与装备” 专项 “铝土矿拜耳法溶出赤泥源头减量技术及大规模示范” 项目之课题 “富铁赤泥钢铁冶炼有害杂质分布特征与物性调控”

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Supported by:中国科学技术部
Classification of Project:National science and technology major project
Sub-Class of Project:Major research project integration projects
Project level:National
Project Number:2022YFC3900039
Date of Project Approval:2022-09-01
Scheduled completion time:2025-10-31
Date of Project Completion:2025-10-31
Date of Project Initiation:2022-10-21