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    Date of Employment:1981-07-01

    School/Department:Civil Engineering

    Business Address:中南大学铁道校区第二综合楼313




    Alma Mater:衡阳铁路工程学校

    Discipline:Civil Engineering

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    Zhang peizhi, male, born in December 1962 in Ningxiang, Hunan province, engineer.In August 1981, Graduated from hengyang railway engineering college and majored in railway engineering.He has long been engaged in the teaching of geotechnical engineering experiment and soil mechanics experiment course.The dynamic and static strength parameters of tailings dam are deeply studied, and the investigation and stability checking of baishan tailings pond, jinjindian tailings pond and wulongquan tailings pond of daye iron mine of wisco are conducted.

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    [1]   湖南铁院土木工程检测有限公司工程师
  • Education Background

    [1]  1977.9- 1981.8
    衡阳铁路工程学院 | 铁道工程
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2012.11- Now
    湖南铁院土木工程检测有限公司 | 工程师
    [2]  1981.9- 2000.11
    中南大学(原长沙铁道学院)土木工程检测中心 | 工程师
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