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    Associate Professor

    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Date of Employment:2013-07-13

    School/Department:Traffic and Transportation Engineering

    Administrative Position:交通运输系统工程研究所所长

    Education Level:Postgraduate (Doctoral)

    Business Address:Room 319, Jiaotonglou, Railway campus, Central South University


    Contact Information:Email:

    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Tianjin University

    Discipline:Management Science and Engineering
    Transportation Engineering

    Academic honors:
    2010elected:Academic Newcomer Award
    Honors and Titles:
    2017-01-16elected:The second prize of Science and Technology of China Highway Society in 2017
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    Zheng Liang (1984-), Associate professor, Doctoral supervisor. Joint Ph.D. of Tianjin University and University of Wisconsin-Madison, member of the youth talent programs of "Sublimation YuYing Plan" and "Innovation-Driven Plan" of Central South University, and vice chairman of youth Science and Technology Association in the School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering of Central South University.


    Expertise: Traffic simulation optimization under uncertainties; Traffic state estimation and prediction based on big data and artificial intelligence; Macro- and Micro- traffic flow modeling and simulation.


    Academic Activities: Published more than 50 academic papers in domestic and foreign journals and conferences, including over 40 papers in SCI/SSCI indexed journals, which cover top journals such as Transportation Transportation Research Part B, Transportation Research Part C, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Computer-aided Civil & Infrastructure Engineering. Granted three national invention patents, and hosts/takes part in more than 10 national/provincial projects. Won the second prize of Science and Technology of China Highway Society.


    Professional Affiliation: Regional editor of CICTP2019/CICTP2020, solicitation expert of China Journal of Highway and Transport for a special issue of intelligent network traffic flow, committee member of intelligent simulation optimization and scheduling in Chinese society of simulation, member of traffic engineering department in WTC, evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and reviewer of multiple authoritative journals at home and abroad.



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    [1]   中国公路学会自动驾驶(标准化)工作委员会委员
    [2]   中国管理科学与工程学会交通运输管理分会委员
    [3]   《铁道科学与工程学报》栏目主编
    [4]   交通工程与管理青年论坛创始委员
    [5]   《交通运输工程学报》青年编委
    [6]   国家自然科学基金委项目评议专家
    [7]   《中国公路学报》智能网联交通流专刊组稿专家
    [8]   世界交通运输大会(WTC)交通工程学部委员
    [9]   中国仿真学会智能仿真优化与调度专委会委员
    [10]   CICTP2019-CICTP2022区域主编
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    [1]  2013.7- Now
    中南大学 | 交通运输工程学院 | 在职
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    Name of Research Group:郑亮课题组

    Description of Research Group:该团队包括博士研究生4人,硕士研究生8人。主要研究方向为:不确定环境下交通系统管控仿真优化,路网交通状态估计与预测, 宏、微观交通流建模、仿真及相关性分析。该团队主要成员在交通流建模与仿真、数学建模、优化算法、概率与统计方法、数据挖掘、人工智能、计算机技术等方面各有专长。

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