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Wenqi HOU

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Railway vehicle induced vibration energy harvesting and saving of rail transit segmental prefabricated and assembling bridges

Affiliation of Author(s):CSU

Teaching and Research Group:Mechanics Department

Journal:Journal of Cleaner Production

Place of Publication:USA

Abstract:Taking a continuous rigid segmental prefabrication and assembly bridge on Guangzhou Metro No.14 as example, railway vehicle induced vibration energy harvesting and saving was studied in this paper. By modeling multi-body dynamics system of B-type railway vehicle and the wheel-rail interaction relationship, train-track-bridge (TTB) response was calculated accurately. Through dynamic analysis of the TTB system with two different track irregularity conditions, vertical acceleration time histories of the track slab were acquired. Based on this, a new type of electromagnetic vibration energy harves

Co-author:Xiaoxu Duan, Yehong Chen, Junlong Li, Wei Guo*, Yankun Li, Wenqi Hou

Indexed by:Applied Research

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Page Number:946-959

ISSN No.:0959-6526

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