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Working Arrangement

Teaching issue arrangement:  4:00pm-5:40pm on Tuesday, 8:00am-9:40am on Friday, Room 104 of Building B of Shijilou

Academic issue arrangement  3:00pm, April 29, 2016 (Friday) , team regular workshop

Conference issue arrangement to be announced

Academic Trip Arrangement:     to be announced



Team Workshop News

[March 18 workshop]

 Room 304, Jiaotong Building, associate professor Chen Weiya and all members of the team carry out academic exchanges.

Wen Bangyan takes the presentation of A brief introduction of PPP Model .PPP mode is Public-Private-Partnership acronymit means in order to provide some public goods and services to the concession an  agreement based on the formation of a partnership type of partnership between the government and private organizations, , and by signing a contract to define the rights and obligations of both parties to ensure the successful completion of cooperation, all parties eventually reached more favorable than anticipated results alone. This session focuses on the PPP model definition, classification and related cases.


[March 25 workshop]

 Room 304, Jiaotong Building, associate professor Chen Weiya and all members of the team carry out academic exchanges.

Yan Xiujuan takes the presentation of the research and analysis about travel time prediction model. She Introduces the buses arrival time prediction of the current situation at home and abroad, introduces five main forecasting model basic principles, five models are based on historical data of the model, the regression prediction model based on artificial neural network model, Kalman filter model, time series model, and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of five models.

Liu Xiaofei takes the presentation of the intelligent transportation system. Intelligent transportation system is using system engineering theory to integrate the traffic areas of advanced science and technology, forming a set of intelligent scheduling, bus electronic toll collection, information service, network communication in one of the advanced public traffic management system.it used to address the management, operational safety, operational services, operational safety, vehicle technology and other aspects of demand. Intelligent public transportation system will bring benefits from the aspects of society, economy, management and so on.


[April 1 workshop]

 Room 304, Jiaotong Building, associate professor Chen Weiya and all members of the team carry out academic exchanges.

Cai Shi takes the presentation of Statistical analysis of subway passenger flow in Huaqiang station.He Analyze the Shenzhen subway in February 2016 March data, Huaqiang North station. Using the chart method, data fitting method to deal with the data, draw the distribution characteristic of the passenger flow, the law of the passenger flow and so on.


[April 15  workshop]

Room 304, Jiaotong Building associate professor Chen Weiya and all members of the team carry out academic exchanges.

Wen Bangyan takes the presentation of a brief introduction of Back Propagation neural network Model. BP (Back Propagation) neural network is created in 1986 by a team of scientists led by Rumelhart and McCelland proposed, according to a former back propagation algorithm to train multi-layer feedforward network, it is one of the most widely used neural network model. This lecture mosquito-classification introduced in the context of the basic two-layer neural network model, and the principle and application of neural network model.

Cai Shi takes the presentation of Introduction of intelligent public transportation industry. This presentation introduces the general situation of intelligent transportation and intelligent transportation industry in China, the project of intelligent public transportation in recent period, and the background of the project. At the same time, it describes the development history of domestic smart bus companies and introduces the current situation of intelligent transportation and intelligent transportation industry in Hunan province.


Lecture Information

Topic  Thermal transport properties of nanomaterials from molecular dynamics simulations

LecturerDr.Haifei Zhan

Time   3:00pm, April 27, 2016 (Wednesday)

Venue  D303, CMEE


Dr.Haifei Zhan received his Bachelor degree in 2009 in Vehicle Engineering from the College of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University, China. Afterwards, he studied at Queensland University of Technology (Australia), and got his PhD degree in 2013 with Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Queensland University of Technology. He has been a visiting scholar at Rice University (US), National University of Singapore and Institute of High Performance Computing (Singapore). He also received the Australian Endeavour Research fellowship.His current research interests include nanomechanics and nanoscale thermal transport of low-dimensional nanomaterials/nanostructures via computational, theoretical and experimental approaches. So far, Dr Zhan has over 40 publications, including 1 book chapter, 37 journal articles and 6 conference papers.His research on diamond nanothread has been featured by several renownedmedias, such as MIT Technology Review, PHYS. ORG, and MOTHERBOARD. He has helped to organize the 2nd Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics, and acted as co-chair for 13th International Conference on Fracture (Beijing) and the 1st Australasian Conference on Computational Mechanics (Sydney). In addition, he is an active reviewer for several international journals, such as Carbon, Scientific Reports, Computational Materials Science, and Applied Mathematical Modelling.



Employment Information

P&G Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship Program (SIP) is a strategic recruitment program designed to attract and recruit best fit talents from universities and colleges for P&G China.  The program targets students in their penultimate year level and provides invaluable opportunity for students to grow their skills and experience in a true business environment while enabling P&G business to augment its talent pipeline and leverage fresh insight from top students on campus

     Who Are We Looking For?

        Students pursuing bachelor degree or above who are in their penultimate year.

        Have strong interests in the FMCG industry.

         Agree to complete a 2-month full time work schedule during the internship program.

         Passionate to explore business challenges in a global working environment.

      How to Join:

       Application Period: Every September (same as we hire full time) across many functions.

       Internship Period:  Qualified candidates will start their internship at P&G in the following summer holidays (normally from July to August).



Hot News about Our Profession

 China to invest 30 bln USD in intelligent transportation industry: expert

       Wu Zhongze, Chairman of China Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (ITS China), revealed in an exclusive interview with Xinhua during the 22nd ITS World Congress in France that China's investment in intelligent transportation industry is estimated to amount to about 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

 Wu said that intelligent transport has developed rapidly in China these years. For example, China has established the national motor vehicle and driver information management system today, and public transport IC card systems are connected in the Chinese Pearl River Delta and Jiangsu Province. ETC system is adopted in 29 Chinese cities, with 7,000 ETC lanes and more than 13 million end users.

 According to Wu, internet-based travelling model and industry innovation have also seen a fast development in China.

 Taxi Apps are used in more than 300 cities in China, with more than 10 million service orders per day. Two national standards with China's independent property rights about "Cooperative ITS-DSRC" were released in 2014, Wu said.

 In the future, China's ITS industry will build a platform for national electronic charging systems, promote information-sharing between buses, rails, civil aviation, etc, and build a green transport system, Wu introduced.

 The 22nd ITS World Congress is held in the south-western French city of Bordeaux from Oct. 5 to 9, gathering 350 exhibiting companies and over 10,000 of international public and private sector leaders in ITS.


China proposes to build world's 2nd longest high-speed rail line in India


         China Railway Cooperation (CRC) is carrying out feasibility studies for high-speed lines on the 2,200 km Chennai-New Delhi route, Zhao Guotang, vice general engineer of the CRC, said on Saturday.

 The proposed Chennai-New Delhi corridor could be the second-largest in the world, after the 2,298 km Beijing-Guangzhou line, which was launched three years ago.

 China has now the world's biggest high speed railway network which stands at a stunning 19,000 km -- longer than all of world's high-speed lines put together.

 With successful experience in the domestic market and advanced technologies, the CRC starts to look for more opportunities in the overseas markets, including India, Malaysia, Singapore and so on.

 India has tied up with Japan for the country's first high speed railway line which will connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad after Tokyo offered easy loan terms to the South Asian country.

 China may not offer such easy loan terms but its expertise and technology are compatible with that of India, Zhao said.

 While China made 10,000 km of high speed tracks in the past decade, Japan made only 350 km, Zhao said, adding that China is capable of building high speed railways faster and better.

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