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Maosheng LI

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Efficiency analysis of group intersection signal

DOI number:10.11817/j.issn.1672-7207.2020.05.029

Journal:Journal of Central South University (Science and Technology)

Funded by:(Project(14BTJ017) supported by the National Social Science Foundation of China)

Key Words:traffic control; macroscopic fundamental diagram; traffic efficiency; parameters optimization

Abstract:In order to distinguish which one is the best among different traffic control technologies, macroefficiency definition and its calculation method were proposed in case of intersection organization and phase scheme, configure of traffic demand and control parameters. An arterial with four intersections was selected to figure out macroscopic fundamental diagram based on traffic flow, speed, density simulated on the whole arterial, and then the expectation of traffic speed on links was gained for green wave signal scheme,Webster optimal signal scheme and constant signal scheme.Lastly,the best one was distinguished by their expectation of traffic speed.The results show that when traffic flow is in the process from the free flow state approaching to saturation traffic state, macro-efficiency of green wave signal scheme is the best and the green wave signal scheme can cut down the dropping rate of traffic speed while the traffic demand increases.Only in the state of free flow and saturation traffic state,macro-efficiency of Webster optimal signal scheme is better than that of constant signal scheme. In the other traffic flow state, macro-efficiency of Webster optimal signal scheme is not prior to constant signal scheme, and macro-efficiency of the two schemes keep equivalent.Macro-efficiency definition and its calculation method can eliminate minor stochastic disturbing error to identify signal control scheme with essential improvement.

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