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Maosheng LI

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Optimal Design of the Roadside Parking Near the Area of Primary and Middle Schools

DOI number:10.13986/j.cnki.jote.2018.04.002

Journal:Traffic Engineering

Key Words:parking demand; parking time; parking management; roadside parking design

Abstract:The transportation of primary and secondary school students is an important part of the urban residents' travel. The parking of the cars when the parents pick up the students has affected the road traffic around the school. It has become an inevitable problem in urban traffic management through the primary and secondary schools in Changsha. The investigation of the number of private cars,parking time,and parking methods for picking up students at the peak of the next school and the next school year analyzed the differences in demand for car parking during the peaks of the upper and lower schools. The parking time was short for morning drop-offs and the parking time was very long for afternoon pickups. Characteristics,optimize the design of on-street parking spaces. The study found that the optimized parking space reduced the total parking time by 43. 68%,and reduced the phenomenon of oblique parking of school vehicles,which can effectively relieve the traffic pressure around the school during the peak period of schooling.

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