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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Date of Employment:2020-04-17

    School/Department:School of Metallurgy and Environment

    Education Level:Postgraduate (Postdoctoral)

    Business Address:中南大学新校区金贵楼301


    Contact Information:130 4425 8136

    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Academic Titles:Changjiang Scholar

    Other Post:Distinguished Young Scholar

    Alma Mater:中国科学院化学研究所

    Discipline:Environmental Science and Engineering

    Academic honors:
    2012elected:Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars 旧系统迁移数据合并
    2012elected:Winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars
    2013elected:National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project
    2013elected:National Expert with Remarkable Contributions
    2015elected:Special Government Allowances
    Honors and Titles:
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    Research Interests

    Professor Lin has been working on the control of heavy metal pollution for a long time, specialized in pollution control engineering and process chemistry. Studies mainly focus on, but not limited to: 1) Heavy metal recycling from hazardous waste via crystal growth regulation; 2) Nanotechnology for extracting low-concentration rare metals from waste water; 3) Novel materials for the energetic conversion of industrial CO2 waste gas; 4) Transformation of heavy metals by geological microorganisms via biomineralization.

    Professor Lin has managed more than 20 key scientific research projects in recent years, including the National Key Research and Development (R&D) Project, key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pilot Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences (A) and National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. More than 200 papers have been published in SCI journals such as J. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem., ES&T, Nano Lett., Nat. Commun., Small, PNAS, Joule etc.. Professor Lin has obtained more than 10 PCT patents and the total number of authorized invention patents exceeds 40. In general, Professor Lin is committed to combining the new theory of pollution control and the practical demand of industries, which has been applied in multiple engineering application cases and highly recognized by relevant peer communities.

    Honors and Awards

    · 2021 Fellow of the Royal Society of ChemistryFRSC

    · 2020 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Awards (Nonferrous Metals Society of China) (The Principle)

    · 2020 Chinese patent award of excellence (National Intellectual Property Administration, China) (The Principle)

    · 2019 Science and Technology Progress Award, Fujian Province (Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province, China) (The Principle)

    · 2017 Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor (Ministry of Education, China) 

    · 2016 National Ten Thousand Talent Program Scientific and Technological Leading Scientist (Organization Department of the Central Committee, China)

    · 2015 Special Government Allowances of the State Council (State Council, China)

    · 2014 Young and Middle-Aged Scientific and Technological Innovation Leading Talents (Ministry of Science and Technology, China)

    · 2011 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (National Natural Science Foundation of China)

    Academic Background

        · 1989-1993, B.S., Department of Chemistry, Xiamen University, China

    · 1993-1996, M.S., Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    · 1996-1999, Ph. D., Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    Professional Employment

    · 2020-Present   Distinguished Professor, CSU                                               

                               Deputy director, Chinese National Engineering Research Center for

                               Control & Treatment of Heavy Metal Pollution        

                               DirectorGuangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Solid Wastes.

                               Pollution Control and Recycling, China

    · 2017-2020      Deputy Dean, School of Environment and Energy, SCUT,

                              Guangdong Province, China

    ·  2017-2019     Director, Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research center for Environmental                                    Nanomaterials, Guangdong Province, China

    · 2015-2020     Professor, School of Environment and Energy, SCUT

    · 2012-2015     Chief of the Postgraduate Service, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter,                               Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

    · 2005-2015     Professor, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of                                   Sciences, China

    · 2004-2005     Associate Professor, Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese                                       Academy of Sciences, China

    · 2002-2004     Post-doctor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA

    · 1999-2001     Post-doctor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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    [1]  2020.4- Now
    中南大学 | 冶金与环境学院 | 教授 | 在职
    [2]  2017.7- 2020.4
    华南理工大学 | 环境与能源学院 | 副院长 | 教授
    [3]  2015.4- 2017.7
    华南理工大学 | 环境与能源学院 | 教授
    [4]  2005.2- 2015.3
    中科院福建物质结构研究所 | 研究员,课题组组长,博士生导师
    [5]  2004.1- 2005.2
    中科院福建物质结构研究所 | 副研究员,课题组组长
    [6]  2002.4- 2004.2
    美国加州大学柏克利分校美国劳伦斯-柏克利国家实验室 | 博士后
    [7]  1999.8- 2001.12
    美国威斯康星大学-麦迪逊分校 | 博士后
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