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Mechanical Property, Oxidation and Ablation Resistance of C/C–ZrB2–ZrC–SiC Composite Fabricated by Polymer Infiltration and Pyrolysis with Preform of Cf/ZrB2

Journal:Journal of Materials Science & Technology

Abstract:C/C–ZrB2–ZrC–SiC composites were fabricated by polymer infiltration and pyrolysis (PIP) with a preform of Cf/ZrB2. The carbon fibers and the resin carbon were coated with ceramic layer after PIP in the composites. The composite presents a pseudo-plastic fracture due to deflection of cracks and pullout of fibers. The composite has a higher bending strength by this method in comparison with the conventional PIP process due to fewer heat treatment cycles. The static oxidation test shows that the mass loss of the composites is no more than 1% after 20 min oxidation at 1100 °C. The “core–shell” str

Co-author:Kai Tong, Liping Wang, Qizhong Huang, Mingyu Zhang, Dong Huang

Indexed by:Applied Research


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Page Number:481-486

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Links to published journals: 10.1016/j.jmst.2016.09.003