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    Associate Professor

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    School/Department:Computer Science and Engineering

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:Room 407, comprehensive experimental building, railway campus, Central South University



    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Central South University

    Discipline:Information and Communication Engineering

    Honors and Titles:
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    Qi Huamei, doctor , associate professor, master tutor. Now working in the school of computer science and engineering, Central South University.

    I have been engaged in research and application of multi hop wireless network, Internet of things, 5g communication, edge computing, network calculus and other fields for a long time. In recent years, I have presided over and participated in more than 10 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation, national "973" project and national "863" military project. I published more than 20 papers in well-known journals and conferences at home and abroad as the first author or corresponding author, and published one textbook in cooperation. Currently, I am a member of CCF and IEEE.

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  • Social Affiliations

    [1]  2010.9- Now
    [2]  2010.4- Now
  • Education Background

    [1]  2010.2- 2012.12
    中南大学 | 控制科学与工程 | 博士后
    [2]  2006.9- 2009.12
    中南大学 | 计算机应用技术 | Doctoral degree
    [3]  2003.9- 2006.7
    中南大学 | 模式识别与智能系统 | Master's degree
    [4]  1999.9- 2003.7
    中南大学 | 计算机科学与技术 | Bachelor's degree
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2006.9- 2007.9
    中南大学 | 助教
    [2]  2007.9- 2012.9
    中南大学 | 讲师
    [3]  2012.9- Now
    中南大学 | 副教授
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    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:2019级研究生

    Name of Research Group:2020级研究生

    Name of Research Group:2021级研究生

    Name of Research Group:2022级研究生

    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:漆华妹老师团队

    Name of Research Group:2018级本科生

    Name of Research Group:2019级本科生

    Name of Research Group:2020级本科生

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