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Monitoring the Degradation of Island Permafrost Using Time-Series InSAR Technique: A Case Study of Heihe, China

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Key Words:Island Permafrost; Deformation; Time-Series InSAR; Global Warming; Geohazards.

Abstract:In the context of global warming, the air temperature of the Heihe basin in Northeast China has increased significantly, resulting in the degradation of the island permafrost. In this paper, we used an elaborated time-series Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) strategy to monitor the ground deformation in the Heihe area (Heilongjiang Province, China) and then analyzed the permafrost deformation characteristics from June 2007 to December 2010. The results showed that the region presented island permafrost surface deformation, and the deformation rate along the line of sight mainly varied from -70 to 70 mm/a. Based on the analysis of remote sensing and topological measurements, we found that the deformation area generally occurred at lower altitudes and on shady slopes, which is consistent with the distribution characteristics of permafrost islands. Additionally, the deformation of permafrost is highly correlated with the increase of annual minimum temperature, with an average correlation value of -0.80. The accelerated degradation of permafrost in the study area led to the settlement, threatening the infrastructure safety. Our results reveal accelerated degradation characteristics for the island permafrost under the background of rising air temperature, and provide a reference for future relevant research.

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