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Assessing the Use of GACOS Products for SBAS-InSAR Deformation Monitoring: A Case in Southern California

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DOI number:10.3390/s19183894


Key Words:InSAR; Short Baseline Subset (SBAS); Deformation Monitoring; GACOS Products.

Abstract:The Generic Atmospheric Correction Online Service (GACOS) products for interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) are widely used near-real-time and global-coverage atmospheric delay products which provide a new approach for the atmospheric correction of repeat-pass InSAR. However, it has not been determined whether these products can improve the accuracy of InSAR deformation monitoring. In this paper, GACOS products were used to correct atmospheric errors in short baseline subset (SBAS)-InSAR. Southern California in the U.S. was selected as the research area, and the effect of GACOS-based SBAS-InSAR was analyzed by comparing with classical SBAS-InSAR results and external global positioning system (GPS) data. The results showed that the accuracy of deformation monitoring was improved in the whole study area after GACOS correction, and the mean square error decreased from 0.34 cm/a to 0.31 cm/a. The improvement of the mid-altitude (15-140 m) point was the most obvious after GACOS correction, and the accuracy was increased by about 23%. The accuracy for low- and high-altitude areas was roughly equal and there was no significant improvement. Additionally, GACOS correction may increase the error for some points, which may be related to the low accuracy of GACOS turbulence data.

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