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1. Legislation of Public Service

My basic academic view is that public service is of great importance to individuals and the existence and sustainable development of society. The serial of meaning of public service determines its content and system. The legislation on public service is an indispensable choice. This in practice requires governments to construct reasonable legal system on public service. In theory, it is required that the demand and provision of public service should be connected with the development of individual and the society. We should endeavor to strike a balance between security and encouragement, determinacy and openness, and now and future. Governments should work hard to optimize the running of power to meet the needs of public service. To clarify the rights and duties and obligations of government, social organizations and citizens via legislation is a necessary choice.


2. The Authority of Law and China ’s Rule of law

The construction of a socialist country under the rule of law is a basic requirement of universal civilization, and it is also the necessary choice resulting from our national conditions. Accordingly, the mode of our rule of law has the universal features of the rule of law as a whole, while at the same time we have some unique features stemming from our unique national conditions. The construction of our rule of law should has as its foundation the values of our culture and relies on the basic psychological rules of legal obedience. We should take into consideration the fact that we do not have a uniformed religion. Importance should also be attached to legal trust and the motile mode of judicature.


3. Real Rights Law, Labor Law and the Socialist System of Law with Chinese Characteristics

The construction, perfection and development of China ’s socialist system of law should take on the fundamental task of the construction of different branches of law. The transitional society of China determines the fact that we should not transplant western laws in a simplistic way. The special importance of Real Rights Law and Labor Law requires further efforts on them with a view to securing legal possessions of peoples and the realization of the rights inherent in a decent way of living.