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    Associate Professor

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    School/Department:School of Computer Science and Engineering

    Administrative Position:Major Administrstor

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:room 203 in Computer Building



    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:中南大学

    Discipline:Computer Science and Technology

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    Yu Lasheng, male, member of the Communist Party of China, Ph.D., associate professor of the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Central South University, major administrator  of computer science and technology, visiting scholar at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, researcher dispatched by the Chinese government, Guangdong Science and Technology Commissioner, member of the Chinese Computer Society, ACM member , Chief Information Expert of the School of Brain and Brain, ACM/ICPC Head Coach of Central South University. SCI journals JPDC, AIR, Computing, etc., and AI international conferences such as MASS paper reviewers, editors of international journals such as JCIT, AISS, and IJICS,   journals of automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, computer engineering and science, etc. Reviewer of the Returned Persons Research Start-up Fund, and expert in the evaluation of Chinese doctoral thesis. Hosted/participated in National 863 Application Demonstration Project, National Natural Science Foundation Project and Hunan Provincial Natural Science Foundation Project, hosted two projects from the Ministry of Education-Guangdong Industry-University-Research Project, and the Public Support platform of Internet of Things Application Service of the Ministry of Electronic Information Industry of Fujian Province,hosted more than ten horizontal scientific research projects including  optimization and transformation of the integrated communication network of Kunming Railway Bureau, remote temperature and humidity monitoring of Hunan Unicom, oral liquid bottle lamp inspection machine based on machine vision, etc., hosted 1 key project of China Higher Education Society, 3 key educational reform projects, 1 school open quality course project, and 1 school key construction course. Published more than 70 papers in professional core journals such as AIR, Computing, "IEEE ACCESS", "Electronic Journal English Edition", "IEEE proceedings", "Information and Control", "Small Microcomputer System", etc. ISTP has collected 30 papers, and some of the results have been cited by many domestic literature (papers and works). Editor-in-chief of "Data Structure-Implementation Based on C Templates", Country XII. The five-planning textbook "Data Structure and Algorithm" and the national thirteenth-five-year planning textbook "Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing".

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    [1]  2011.7- 2018.4
    [2]  2010.9- 2018.4
    [3]  2011.10- 2018.4
    [4]  2009.11- 2012.11
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    [1]  2019.9- 2020.6
    中南大学 | 校教学督导委员
    [2]  2002.7- 2019.12
    中南大学 | 信息科学与工程学院 | 专业负责人(自2017年-2019)
    [3]  1997.3- 2002.7
    中南工业大学 | 软件所 | 支部书记
    [4]  1991.6- 1997.6
    中南工业大学 | 学工组 | 院团委书记、辅导员
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