Zheng Yu

Date of Birth:1986-06-22

Alma Mater:Chinese Academy of Science

Education Level:PhD Graduate

Honors and Titles:

President’s Fellowship, Chinese academy of sciences

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Zheng Yu, Associate Professor, is mainly engaged in the research on the gut microbiota and human health. In recent years, Zheng has ever published 40 high-impact research articles which include 14 papers as the first author or co-first authors in international academic journals. Up till now, these published papers have been cited 902 times in Web of Science by the researchers and the H-index is 19. Our major academic achievements include: 1. Take artificial microbial community as the core, we revealed the interaction between the energy and material metabolism under microorganisms; 2. We investigated the important regulatory role of rare earth elements on alcohol metabolic microorganisms, and further revealed their phylogenetic relationship; 3. We constructed the quantitative relationship between the hydrological and physicochemical parameters and the bacterial community composition and functional gene expression, combining with multivariate statistical and model analysis.

Email: yuzheng@csu.edu.cn

Research Group

[1]Name of Research Group:Human microbiome and Health Group (HMG)

Description of Research Group:Our group is mainly engaged in the research on the gut microbiota and human health. We combined the microbiome and bioinformatic analysis, to study the competition-cooperation relationships among those bacterial community.


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