David Zhou

Personal Information

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Associate Professor  
Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates  
Supervisor of Master's Candidates  

Main positions:Associate Professor

Other Post:世界交通运输大会(WTC)轨道交通学部轨道交通装备系统科学“机车车辆”技术委员会 联合主席


Wei Zhou, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Ph.D. student supervisor, deputy director of Key Laboratory of Traffic Safety on Track, Central South University, Ministry of Education.

Wei Zhou received the Bachelor’s Degree on Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in 2005. He got the master’s degree and Ph.D on Vehicle Operation Engineering in 2007 and 2012, respectively. He’s been engaging in postdoctoral research in CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd from 2013 to 2015. 

His teaching and research work mainly focus on the fields of rail transit equipment service status monitoring, management and control technology, as well as oversize freight transport safety assessment. For nearly three years, he’s been the principle investigator of 11 research projects funded in national, provincial and school-enterprise cooperation (each project funding is more than 2 milion yuan). He has published 8 SCI-cited international authoritative journal papers as the 1st & corresponding author, and been authorized 4 national invention patents (wherein 2 patents as the first inventors). He has also been awarded 1 First Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and 7 Provincial Awards.

Educational Background

2008.9 2012.12

  • 中南大学
  • 博士
  • PhD Graduate

2005.9 2007.11

  • 中南大学
  • 硕士
  • With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates

2001.9 2005.6

  • 中南大学
  • 学士
  • University graduated

Work Experience

2018.10 Now
  • Central South University
  • School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering
  • Associate Professor
2013.1 2018.9
  • Central South University
  • School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering
  • Lecturer
2013.7 2015.7
  • Central South University & CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co.,Ltd, CHINA
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Social Affiliations

2017.8 2019.8

  • 世界交通运输大会(WTC)轨道交通学部轨道交通装备系统科学“机车车辆”技术委员会 联合主席

Research Group

Name of Research Group:轨道交通空气动力与碰撞安全技术团队
Description of Research Group:1994年成立高速列车研究中心团队。开拓我国轨道交通空气动力学、列车撞击动力学方向。首创500km/h级高速列车气动动模实验系统、国际唯一轨道实车撞击/测力试验系统,资质全球覆盖。研建青藏铁路大风监测预警指挥系统,完成我国第一列高速列车气动外形设计、第一列耐冲击列车吸能设计等,多项技术填补国际空白,核心指标远超国外,全部用于京沪等高速铁路、高原高寒铁路,复兴号等高速列车、出口美国等列车,为中国高铁发展做出重要贡献。