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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Date of Employment:1999-09-01

    School/Department:School of Automation

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:room 110, Electronic Building, Railway Campus of Central South University


    Contact Information:+86 13549668182

    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Peking University

    Discipline:Control Science and Engineering

  • Profile

    Xiaohong Nian, male, Ph.D., was born in 1965 and he is also a second-level professor, and Ph.D. supervisor. He has been in engaged in control theory and application related studies, such as coordination control and optimization for complex multibody systems, multi-motor drive system control, UAV flight control, vision-based UAV navigation, Swarm Intelligence Control for UAV, coordination control for distributed power system, etc. He has chaired more than 10 projects at the provincial and ministerial level, including the National Natural Science Foundation projects, the National Science and Technology Support Plan projects, Hunan Natural Science Foundation, Hunan Natural Science Foundation, etc. Besides, he has published more that 100 papers in various high-level journals, such as Automatica, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, IEEE Transactions on Control System Technology, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, IET Power Electronics, IET Control Theory & Applications, Journal of The Franklin Institute, International Journal of Control, Journal of Optimization Theory & Applications, Neurocomputing, International Journal Systems Science, Optimal Control Applications & Methods, ISA Transactions, Cognitive Computation, Acta Automatica Sinica, Control Theory and Applications, Control and Decision, Proceedings of the CSEE, in which more than 100 papers are included in SCI/EI.

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  • Education Background

    [1]  1981.9- 1985.7
    Northwest Normal University | Mathematics Education | University graduated | Bachelor's degree
    [2]  1989.9- 1992.6
    Shandong University | Fundamental mathematics | Master's degree | Master's degree
    [3]  2001.9- 2004.6
    Peking University | General mechanics | PhD Graduate | Doctoral degree
  • Work Experience

    [1]  2019.2- 2019.4
    Central South University | School of Automation | Professor
    [2]  2000.4- 2019.1
    Central South University | School of Information Science and Engineering | Professor
    [3]  1999.10- 2000.3
    Changsha Railway Campus | School of Information Science and Engineering | Professor
    [4]  1998.10- 1999.9
    Xiangtan College of Engineering (Hunan University of Science and Technology) | School of Information Science and Engineering | Associate professor
    [5]  1992.9- 1998.9
    Tianshui Normal University | School of Mathematics and Statistics | Lecturer
    [6]  1985.9- 1989.8
    Tianshui Normal University | School of Mathematics and Statistics | Assistant Professor
    [7]  2004.10- 2007.10
    CRRC Zhuzhou Institute CO., LTD | Postdoctor
  • Research Group

    Name of Research Group:Institute of Complex Systems and Intelligent Contr

    Description of Research Group:Currently, there are two professors, two associate professors, two lecturers in the institute. Additionally, many students are studying in the institute for their Ph.D. degree and Master Degree. There are many research interests, such as UAV flight control, UAV visual navigation, Swarm Intelligence Control for UAV, coordination control and optimization of multi-motor systems, distributed control and optimization of multi-agent systems, distributed optimization and game, and smart grid.

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