Jiaqi Chen

Doctoral degree

PhD Graduate

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Date of Birth:1986-10-17
Date of Employment:2015-12-30
Business Address:Room 819, Comprehensive Building 2
22 Shaoshannan Road


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Zip Code : 410075

Postal Address : Room 819, Comprehensive Building 2, 22 Shaoshannan Road, Changsha, Hunan, China

Email : chenjiaqi@csu.edu.cn

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Pavement freezing mechanism in wet and cold conditions based on the coupled heat transfer and phase change theory

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Affiliation of Participant(s):School of Civil Engineering
Teaching and Research Group:Department of Road Engineering
Leading Scientist:陈嘉祺
Status:In research
Supported by:National Natural Science Foundation of China
Supported by:National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Project level:National
Project Number:51908558
Classification of Disciplines:交通运输工程
Date of Project Approval:2020-01-01
Scheduled completion time:2022-12-31
Subsidy Amount:24.0