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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates


School/Department:Energy Science and Engineering

Education Level:PhD Graduate

Business Address:316 Energy Hall

Contact Information:0731-88879863

Degree:Doctoral degree

Research Group

Name of Research Group:Institute of Environmental Technology

Liqing Li


Education Level:PhD Graduate



Dr. Li is Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering, and the director of the institute of Environmental technology at the School of Energy Science and Engineering, Central South University, Hunan, China.
Professor Li has been involved in studies of air pollution control, uses of adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis for the direct and indirect conversion of air pollutants(VOCs,SO2, NOx, CO2, Heavy metal pollutants in air type ,etc.) to harmless treatment, or comprehensive utilization as resources. Current research projects also include The kinetic and mass and heat transfer phenomena in adsorption technologies for gas separation and purification. Preparation of high stability Functional adsorption material in order to achieve high adsorption capacity and separation efficiency for VOCs, CO2, H2 ,CH4, Heavy metal pollutants in air type , etc. Understanding and controlling chemical emissions from building materials and consumer products. Fundamental understanding of the kinetic and mass transfer phenomena in aqueous purification technologies for VOCs, SO2, H2S, Hg and particulates. Carbon dioxide Capture, recycling and utilization for green chemical synthesis.
Professor Li has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers, authored 6 books or book chapters, and over 30 patents for inventions
Professor Li is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including New Century Excellent Talents Award from the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, Second-class award for 121 talent program from Hunan Provincial Government, Best Teacher Awards from University, A number of scientific and Technological Achievements Award from Hunan Provincial Government and the Chinese Machinery Industry Council.

  • Educational Background
  • Work Experience

[1]  1985.9 to 1989.6
湖南大学  | 学士  | University graduated
[2]  1992.9 to 1995.6
湖南大学  | 硕士  | With Certificate of Graduation for Study as Master's Candidates
[3]  1998.9 to 2004.6
湖南大学  | 博士  | PhD Graduate

[1]   2011.3 to  Now
Central South University, China  | Professor
[2]   2010.7  to  2011.3
University of Cincinnati, USA  | Senior visiting scholar
[3]   2005.9  to  2010.7
Central South University  | Professor
[4]   2003.4  to  2005.8
Hunan University  | Associate Professor
[5]   2001.12  to  2003.3
Ruhr University Bochum, Germany  | visiting scholar

Social Affiliations


[1]  2006.1 to Now Editorial Board, Environmental Pollution & Control( China )

[2]  2010.10 to Now  Membership      Air & Waste Management Association

[3]   Senior Fellow, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

[4]  2006.1 to Now Membership    The Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China

[5]  2012.1 to Now Membership    Chinese Society For Environmental Sciences