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Liqing Li

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Natural Honeycomb-like structure cork carbon with hierarchical Micro-Mesopores and N-containing functional groups for VOCs adsorption


Journal:Applied Surface Science

Co-author:Yang Guo, Rui Shi, Hongyu Chen, Yankun Du, Baogen Liu

First Author:Xiang Xu

Indexed by:Journal paper

Correspondence Author:Zheng Zeng*, Ziyu Yin*, Liqing Li*

Document Code:150550


Page Number:150550

Translation or Not:no

Date of Publication:2021-07-10

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Pre One:Nitrogen-rich melamine cyanurate derived hollow porous carbon microspheres prepared through CuCl2 activation for VOCs adsorption

Next One:High Yield Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Monolith with Rich Ultramicropores Prepared by In-Situ Activation for High Performance of Selective CO2 Capture