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Zhanfeng Song
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    Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Date of Employment:1995-06-01

    School/Department:Civil Engineering

    Education Level:PhD Graduate

    Business Address:二综719


    Contact Information:Wechat:songzhanfeng1973 QQ:871222430

    Degree:Doctoral degree


    Alma Mater:Cenral South University

    Discipline:Transportation Engineering

    Honors and Titles:
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    Zhanfeng Song, PH.D.
    Associate Professor.
    Department of Road and Railway Engineering

    Main Research Interests
    1. Alignment Optimization.
    2. Road Location and Design.
    3. Engineering Surveying

    1. B.S. South West Jiaotong University, Major: Surveying Engineering
    2. M.S. Central South University, Major:Railway Engineering
    3. Ph.D. Central South University, Major: Road and Railway Engineering;
    4. Postdoctor, Central South University, Major: Science and techonology of Surveying
    5. Visiting Scholar, University of Maryland, College Park

    Recent Research Projects
    1. PI. 2017—2020,Regularization estimation model and algorithm for railway alignment reconstruction under ill-posed nature and measurement uncertainty, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), ¥620k.
    2. Co-PI. 2017—2020, Hyper-graph semantic ontology modeling and consistency reasoning for railway BIM under time-space coupling and dynamic characteristics, NSFC, ¥200k. PI: Li Wei.
    3. Co-PI. 2014-2017. Cooperative optimization of railway alignment and structures under the coupling constraints of alignment, structures and environment, NSFC, ¥800k. PI: Pu Hao.

    1.Song, Zhanfeng, Ding, H., Li J., and Pu, H. "Circular curve fitting to field data with correlated noise.",Journal of Surveying Engineering.
    2.Song, Zhanfeng, Zhao, C., Pu, H., and Li, X. (2016). "Configuration Analysis of Two-Dimensional Resection Networks.",Journal of Surveying Engineering,142(4):04016018-1-14.
    3. Song Zhanfeng, OUYANG Xin. " Method for Determining Least Independent Close Loops in CPIII Plane Network of Ballastless Track for High Speed Railway." China Railway Science, 2014, 35(3).
    4. Song Zhanfeng, PENG Xin, WU Qinghua. "Optimization Algorithm for Horizontal Realignment Based on Coordinate of Metro Centerline." Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 2014, (4)
    5. Jiang Xiaojun,Song Zhanfeng, Wu Qinghua. "Conversion Method between Local Independent Coordinate System and WGS-84 Coordinate System as Well as Its Applications." RAILWAY INVESTIGATION AND SURVEYING, 2010, 36(4)
    6. SONG Zhanfeng. "Multi-scheme Combinatorial Optimization Algorithm of Route Design." CHINA JOURNAL OF HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORT, 2009, 22(3)
    7. SONG Zhanfeng, YANG Ming. "Optimization of railway profile design based on ant colony algorithm." JOURNAL OF RAILWAY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 2008, 5(6)
    8. SONG Zhanfeng, PU Hao. "Scheme Recombination Algorithm of Constraint-based Route Design." CHINA JOURNAL OF HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORT, 2007, 20(4)
    9. SONG Zhanfeng, Zhan Zhenyan, PU Hao. "Study of the method of view-dependent simplification of road integrated model." CHINA JOURNAL OF HIGHWAY AND TRANSPORT, 2004, 17(2)

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