Yanping LIU

Personal Information

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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates  
Supervisor of Master's Candidates  

Main positions:1. Instructor of the "Talent Program" of the Chinese Ministry of Education and the China Association for Science and Technology 2. Specially appointed expert of Hunan Overseas Chinese Federation 3. "Optics" , editorial board 4. Member of American Physical Society, American Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry.

Academic honors:

2020  elected:  Provincial Top Talent


Yanping Liu(Martin) was born in Hunan, China. Dr. Liu received his Ph.D. degree in Department of Physics and Applied Physics (PAP) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, in 2013. Currently, He is now a Professor at Central South University(CSU) in China. Before Join in CSU, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB). From 2011 to 2012, Dr. Liu has performed research as an International Program Associate (IPA) at Quantum Nano-Scale Magnetics Laboratory at RIKEN, located in Japan, under the executive program on Professor Yoshichika Otani. Before joining UCB, he was a Research Fellow at NTU and also a Research Scholar at Data Storage Institute of A*STAR in Singapore. His research interests include quantum and spin transport in graphene nanostructures (graphene nanomesh (2D), nanoribbon (1D), quantum dot (0D)), photonics applications in graphene and TMDC's plasmonic nanostructures. His current research focuses on spintronics and valleytronics applications in 2D layered materials and nanophotonics applications in TMDCs and emerging 2D layer materials. His research work was highlighted in Nature Asia Materials.

Dr. Liu has served on the review boards of various technical journals, including Nature Comm, ACS, ELSEVIER, RCS and AIP publishing journals. He has published and presented over 20 technical papers as a first author in international Journals and Conferences, including Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Nanoscale, Carbon, PCCP, Applied Physics Letters, Nanotechnology and New Journal of Physics etc. He received the Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad in 2012. He was the recipient of the Best Poster Award by the IEEE Magnetics Society Singapore Chapter Poster Competition for Students in 2012, the Best Poster Presenter by the East Asian Postgraduate Workshop on Nanoscience and Technology in 2010, HKUST, Hong Kong, and the First Prize at the 2010 Research Scholar Poster Competition by the Data Storage Institute in Singapore. Also, he was the Vice President of the Graduate Student Club of School of Physical &Mathematical Sciences(SPMS) at NTU in Singapore from 2010 to 2011.

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Educational Background

2011.8 2012.8

  • Spintronics
  • Doctoral Joint Education (IPA)
  • Doctoral Joint Education (IPA)
  • RIKEN is Japan's largest comprehensive research institution renowned for high-quality research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines.

2009.1 2013.7

  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU),Singapore
  • Physics
  • PhD
  • PhD
  • 新加坡南洋理工大学(英语:Nanyang Technological University;缩写:NTU),2018年的泰晤士高等教育世界大学排名中,跻身为全亚洲第1名。

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2017.3 Now
  • Central South University (CSU)
  • School of Physics and Electronics
  • Distinguished Professor of "Furong Scholar Program"
  • Professor
  • Full time
2014.2 2017.1
  • University of California, Berkeley (UC BERKELEY)
  • Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Postdoctoral Researcher,
  • Postdoctor
2013.1 2013.11
  • Nanyang Technological University (NTU),Singapore
  • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Research Fellow,
  • Research Fellow

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2021.10 Now

  • Journal of Electronics Science and Technology执行编委

2021.5 Now

  •  Young Star Editors of Nano Research

2019.12 Now

  • Evaluation expert of new generation artificial intelligence industry innovation key project of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Research Group

Name of Research Group:Low-dimensional quantum device laboratory of CSU
Name of Research Group:Low-dimensional quantum device laboratory of CSU
Description of Research Group:The Low-Dimensional Quantum Device Laboratory of Central South University was established in March 2017. The laboratory is dedicated to the research of spintronics, valley electronics, nanoelectronics and devices in two-dimensional materials. The research goal is to explore the characteristics of material electronic degrees of freedom (electron spin, valley and charge) and use them as carriers to develop the application of these degrees of freedom in the new generation of quantum information technology. This will enable us to realize new types of quantum information processing, data storage, solar cells and quantum computers based on pure electron spins, valleys and charge quantum degrees of freedom, allowing scientific research to better serve human society and national defense construction. Research and development of new spin and valley electronics devices with information functions have become a research hotspot and focus in the field of information science in China. In 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission promulgated the "Guidelines for Priority Development in Key Fields of High-tech Industrialization", which takes the development of new "information functional materials and devices" as an important direction of priority development in the information industry. The scientific research group uses two-dimensional materials (carriers) to conduct studies on the properties of these materials such as spin, orbit, charge transport, lattice, topology, etc. through additional conditions (electricity, magnetism, light, heat, force, etc.). Design and develop prototype devices based on these characteristics.