Zhuxin Dong   

Professional Title:Distinguished Professor
Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates
Main positions:中南大学生物医学工程研究中心主任
Other Post:湖南省生物医学工程学会党支部书记、副理事长

Honors and Titles:

2022-05-18    中南大学“十佳青年”

Language: 中文


Dr. Zhuxin Dong: Distinguished Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Supervisor of Doctoral and Master's graduate students, Director of the CSU Biomedical Engineering Research Center, awardee of the National "Youth Program of the 1000 Talents Plan". My current research focuses on the fabrication of solid-state nanopore sensors towards biomolecule sequencing technology, the investigation of biophysics behind the technology through TEM multi-slice and finite element simulations, the development of next-generation sequencing platform with ultrahigh resolution at single molecule level, and the utilization atomic force microscopy in biomedical and virological applications. So far, Prof. Dong has published more than 40 SCI/EI papers (h-index 15) in worldwide well-known scientific journals and international conference proceedings such as 《Nature Nanotechnology》, 《Nature Communications》, 《ACS Nano》, 《Nano Letters》, 《PLOS Computational Biology》,《Applied Surface Science》 and 《IEEE TNANO》. Candidates, who are strongly interested in the above research areas, are highly encouraged to apply for Master's, Doctoral, and Postdoctroral Programs via sending a copy of the applicant's CV and the contact information of at least one recommendation reference to Prof. Dong (dongzhuxin@csu.edu.cn). 

Educational Background

  • 2008.9-2012.12  

    University of Arkansas       Mechanical Engineering       PhD Graduate       Doctoral Degree in Engineering

  • 2005.9-2008.7  

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong       Mechanical Engineering       Master's degree in graduate school       Master's Degree

  • 2001.9-2005.7  

    Shenyang University of Technology       Electrical Engineering       Undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree)       Bachelor's degree

Work Experience

  • 2019.8-2021.6

    University of Notre Dame      Research Assistant Professor

  • 2018.10-2019.7

    Quantapore Inc.      Senior Scientist

  • 2012.11-2018.10

    University of Notre Dame      Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Group

Name of Research Group:

Nano-Bio Technology Laboratory

Description of Research Group:

Biomedical engineering, the most rapidly growing of engineering disciplines from a global perspective, is now playing an irreplaceable role in the enhancement of human lifespan and its quality. At our Nano-Bio Technology Laboratory, we explore multi-disciplinary research and cutting-edge technology so that we bridge medicine and technology. Specifically, we are dedicated to achieving similar success with polypeptide sequencing to what nanopore sequencing has done to DNA so that there will be a possibility that we understand the causes of protein primary structure related diseases better and consequently come up with a solution. Moreover, solid-state nanopores have huge potential in single cell secretion detection because significant clinical biomarkers can be selective thanks to nanopore's adjustable geometry. We are also interested in utilizing electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy in various biomedical applications, such as synthetic biology and virology, to aid clinic treatment.
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